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Title : The DrakonCore
Category : Books
In a world where Dragons - Gods once ruled, it all came to an end when a Great War nearly tore the world apart, but now humans and lizardiods have claimed the world. Two millenia later, an old enemy has began plotting to take over the world that brings new chaos. For Amarika, it causes turmoil, sending it into a war. Maryla, a Mystic Mage for the Mystic Cast, joined the DrakonCore on behalf of her Mother Superior now is sent on a mission to find out who was stealing Drakships and Drakboats, awhile sees the chaos that sends her squadron to D'raq. Jonnis, a youngling Dragon, is sent to a training program by the Draglians only to see a fellow youngling treated bad by the trainer. When he fights back against the trainer, he is punished and sent to a prison cell. After a chat with Maryla, Captain Kolkov, the mastermind behind the missing Drakship and Drakboats, has a change of heart and requests a meeting with Maryla's commanding officer - General Swartzov. He agrees to help them in their cause for good and nearly gets assasinated. DrakonCore is sent to D'raq to resolve the continuing conflict by their Dicatator. Maryla remembers a vision she had upon seeing the Global Trade Center buildings attacked and collapsed. She goes and sees her Mother Superior to discover what she saw while she was in desert in Draglos. Once she realizes what she saw, Maryla rushes to save her squadron, but can she get there in time?
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Category : Books
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