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Title : Hidden World: Adventure to Destiny
Category : Publishing
What if Aliens from another world were running our planet, and no one knew it? What if Aliens where here for another reason? Could we accept this reality? These are the premises for an exciting new book series called Hidden World. Hidden World is about two teenage cousins who discover they are part of a secret community of Aliens. They have a lot of questions, but they accept who they must become. Can they fight off enemies who want to discover the secrets of Unity, and destroy their world? Can they master their super hero powers, and at the same time keep them concealed from their friends? How can they use the time machine they built to stop the unthinkable? What exciting, and dangerous adventures will their Jewel Machine lead them on? Are the magical gadgets they were given helpful, or will they lead them into unbelievable trouble? Can our two teenage heroes, J.R Black and Helaina Unity learn to work as a team? The surprising, and shocking answers to these questions will surprise all who venture into the pages of this action packed Science-Fiction, Action Adventure Series.
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