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Title : Black Widow
Category : Books
Reclusive black widow romances vindictive bad boy billionaire! Astrid Phillips is the only one of her friends that isn’t working. She married well when she was just twenty years old to an older man. When her husband died suddenly, people accused her of murdering him for his money. Since she didn’t need to work she stayed at home and tried to avoid the judging eyes of her community. She didn’t mind calling in a favor from her best friend and agreeing to clean the house of Garrett Townsend, the once partner of her deceased husband and crusader of the anti-Astrid movement. Garrett Townsend is expecting anyone but the stormy Astrid to come barging into his house. To make up for his lack in judgment he does everything he can to make her life hell. He throws wild parties and shows her how a billionaire bad boy bachelor lives just so she’ll have to clean it up. Astrid is forced to spend time with Garrett to save her best friend’s business. The two battle about everything constantly but Garrett finds himself at home more and more. He gets to know the woman he thought killed his older partner and has to decide to let the past go. Can he? If he was wrong that means he crucified an innocent woman. Astrid has to learn to forgive but does she really want to? She’s grown used to staying in her home. Letting go of the past might mean she has to put herself out in the world again. Can she handle that? Will they grow together or will the past be too much between them to ever forge anything new?
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Category : Books
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