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Title : Dragon Shifter Genesis
Category : Books
Dragon Shifter - Genesis! A paranormal interracial shapeshifter romance! After turning her back on her privileged upbringing and prejudiced family, Amber Davenport found everything she ever needed in the provocative Kiro Matsuko. With Kiro embracing the dragon, their passion and intensity is bumped to surreal levels. However, when he puts a ring on her finger and a bun in the oven, her perfect life gets flipped on its head. Soon, the excitement turns to worry and fear instead of joy. The dragon shifter growing inside her puts a strain on Amber and Kiro’s relationship. Their only hope is a doctor in Kiro’s hometown who has experience in paranormal pregnancies. They follow their lead to China where Kiro begins withdrawing from not only her, but the entire world again. Not long after, Amber experiences an ironic role reversal, and as the hated minority in a foreign land she learns what it was like for Kiro in the US. The hatred of the entire village isn’t her only concern, however. A disturbingly accelerated progress in her pregnancy, a distant fiancé, and a doctor with potentially inappropriate intentions have her questioning her loyalty to Kiro as well as her own sanity. Soon everyone’s loyalties will be tested as Amber’s life is in danger yet again, and this time, she won’t come out of it unchanged.
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