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Title : The Anchor
Category : Books
Do you love bad boy romance? This hot college sports romance story will warm you up on a cold Friday night! Alex is a journalism freshman student at The University of Tennessee. She is from a poor family and her ultimate goal is to be a successful TV anchorwoman. College and career are the primary goals in her life. She has no intention of starting a family until she knows that she is financially able to support them. David is a star tight end for The Volunteers football team. He is handsome and his body is in perfect shape, a requirement of competitive sports. All the women lust for him and he can have anyone he wants. His plan is to finish college and get rich playing professional football. When Alex and David meet the results are explosive. They are two beautiful people who find comfort and passion in each other. Alex starts developing feelings for David. But does love have a place in David's life? Will Alex give up her goals in the name of love?
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