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Title : Club Princess II
Category : Books
A Hot Bad Boy MC Biker Romance Sequel! Ellie Hanover is a new woman, in a new place. Things went south with Shadow and the Python Motorcycle Club, but she managed to save herself this time around. She took over the Python Garage and has been running it while Shadow is away. He’s coming back, though, and she isn’t quite sure what to do with the man. He doesn’t have a clubhouse to return to and she isn’t willing to walk away from his garage. It doesn’t help that one of her new mechanics has a thing for her. It’s all she can do to keep the garage going strong, avoid the pending brawl between herself and Shadow, and try to keep Shadow from getting himself killed. Shadow Brooks just spent another year of his life in prison for an assault charge that he should’ve known better than to get. A year without his old lady. A year being pissed off at the world, because he should’ve listened to her. A year being pissed off because she didn’t visit until it was too late. Getting out should’ve been the best day of his life. Instead, he’s being told that his club’s gone and his garage is overrun with civilians who don’t respect the fact that Ellie is his. He has to get things fixed. Ellie doesn’t seem willing, so he goes for the club first. He just has to avoid getting his head blown off in the process. Ellie and Shadow are thrown back together, but neither of them know quite how to handle the other. The sexual tension is still there, but there’s also a lot of anger. They have to try to work around each other, but it may be impossible. In the end, will they be able to get Shadow’s club back?
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Award winning Fantasy - Book 4
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