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Title : Hockey Wives Power Play
Category : Books
This hot hockey romance fiction will body check you into a faithful fan! Angela finds herself in a deep depression when her friend Carol suggests they attend a hockey game. She figures a simple night out with her best friend will help cheer her up. So what if she doesn't like hockey? What's the worst that could happen? Paul is the captain of the Boston hockey team as he provides veteran leadership to a young talented club. To the outsider, the rugged defenceman appears to have it all. He is rich and has a beautiful sexy wife. His team is in first place and is the prime contender for the Cup. Unfortunately things aren't as rosy as they appear. Paul is having troubles at home and even more trouble keeping his stick in his pants on long lonely road trips. When Boston falls behind early to one of the worst teams in the league, Paul flies off the handle and rips into one of the team’s young stars. Will Paul's outburst help the team right the ship or further alienate him from the team’s young core? Will Paul behave himself after the game when he notices Angela blushing every time he meets her gaze? Will he be a bad boy and try to seduce the shy timid girl ?
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