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Title : Wizards' Secret Service: The Key of Radmar (Book 1)
Category : Books
Twelve-year-old Nora lives in a world parallel to our own. A world where magic is a part of everyday life. Nora’s life is turned upside down the day she discovers that her father is an agent of the Wizards’ Secret Service and has disappeared during his last mission in New York City. Nora will stop at nothing to rescue him—even if it means traveling to the human world. Nora, along with her best friend Tim, soon find themselves in New York where they unveil secrets beyond their wildest dreams. Clues unfold, revealing information on the mystery of the Key of Radmar, a relic sought after for centuries by the Union of Witches. Can Nora avoid the darkness that lives hidden among human-kind and rescue her father in time?
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Category : Books
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