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Title : free eBook - Gutter Sludge: Poems from Your Scary Ex
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A short collection of dark free-verse poetry on such themes as homicide, missing-persons cases, guilt, abuse, blame, estrangement, dead family pets, classic cinema, violence in the media, anger, sex, and mental health. With a feminist eye, the poet deeply probes the most concerning aspects of modern society, dismantling the comforting and idyllic in favor of a more unsettling truth. Fans of true crime and horror will enjoy this harsh criticism of typical media coverage, which both sugarcoats a bad situation and exploits it, instead of digging deep to find a solution. The poems also examine gender relations, commenting on society's pressure to engage in reckless sexual behavior instead of holding out for love. Prudency is punished, but then so is passion. This double-edged sword is the conflict at the heart of Gutter Sludge: Poems from Your Scary Ex. By turning the reader's mind to the hidden aspects of abuse and rape culture, the poet hopes that it will cause the reader to reflect on their own actions, and where they might improve, in order to secure a more peaceful and safe world everywhere.
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