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Title : Callahan
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Dirty, Harry Callahan burst onto the scene in 1971. A tough, get the job done, San Francisco Homicide Detective. Harry had his own style of policing and got results. A number of villains tried to finish him, in a variety of ways. Harry proved to be more resourceful and resilient than any imagined. Unfortunately, he became a liability for the changing face of law enforcement and was side-lined 25 years ago. The story begins with Harry briefly, reviewing what little he has done with himself, since leaving the force. An unexpected knock at his front door, from an old Partner, Chico Gonzalez, leads to a job offer with the US Government. Harry was politically incorrect, at the best of times in the 1970’s. His methods always led to problems. The events in Ferguson Missouri 2014 would have been considered tame, compared to those Harry brought to the streets he worked in San Francisco. As a man, well past retirement age, he accepts the job at the Department of State. The consultancy work in the Middle East, reviewing large American Corporate’s security protocols. Advising them in the regions, surrounding the many trouble spots, is meaningful and fulfilling for Harry. An incident on a flight from Pakistan is cast and unfolds in much the same way, as his first act of extreme violence in the Dirty Harry Movie. The scenario is in keeping with the current problems in the Middle East. The final outcome is dictated by different beliefs and circumstance. Harry always gets the dirty jobs. The willingness to act outside of the law, to do what is required for the greater good, at the expense of Politically Correctness and accepted civilised behaviour, was nothing new to Harry. It was all about deniability for the President. The Americans would always get the blame, unless they could convince their friends and enemies they weren’t involved. Harry’s record spoke for itself, he had always operated off the reservation. He was uncontrollable then and now. And he could be thrown to the wolves if it suited. The old Soviet device went missing in 1997. Abu Bakr took the torch from Abu Musad. The organisation had placed its best people in key positions. The bomb had moved slower than could be seen. So slow it appeared not to exist. The brothers were the final piece of the puzzle, they had worked for ten years to make one moment happen. New York had been hit once, they would hit it again; this time would be final. It would destroy an ideal, a way of life, the end of the American dream. It would be the greatest triumph in history. The delivery mechanism was the ultimate act of deception and planning the old men of the desert had ever put together. Harry would have to break all the rules, if he was to find the slightest thread to follow.
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