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Title : The Diviner
Category : Books
Caruna diTenchi a wealthy Italian, contracts a tough bush ranger to lead a party of three on a fun adventure into the North Western Game Parks of South Africa. What Caruna does not tell James, the ranger, is the identity of the third person. Grace is the key to Caruna’s quest. She agrees to the deal, but as Caruna’s motives become apparent she allies herself with James and they plan their escape. However, Caruna outmanoeuvres them and redirects their route into the Kalahari Desert. Grace is intrigued by Caruna's wit and infatuating questions regarding sexuality and love. The vein is 'tongue in cheek' romance and Grace realigns herself to the new adventure. James battles to lead the group in such a hostile environment and with no pre-planning, no backup and without the proper equipment things start to go wrong. The stakes are high and when the vehicle breaks down James has only one choice to redeem his honour.
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Category : Books
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