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In this incredible final book of the Faith trilogy, The Betrayal of Love is impossible to put down. MariaLiza Navarro’s moving, absorbing and at times truly startling story of Kristina Rivera, a vivid survivor, and heroine, is back. Kristina Rivera determined to uncover the truth about her fiancé, Alain Moreau once and for all, no matter the cost. As Alain continues to miss birthdays and important events in the lives of Kristina and his twin daughters, Kristina suspects that there’s more to his story than she previously realized. Taking courage and fate into her own hands, even as she tries to save the remnants of their relationship and forge a bond between him and his daughters, Kristina has no choice but to keep moving forward. Upon visiting London for the second time, she pushes Alain to buy her house in the city. But will she ever fulfill her dreams to live in London, or will this dream remain elusive? Even as she forgives Alain again and again for his cruelty and broken promises, Kristina strives to become more independent. She also uncovers a secret in Cebu that will break her heart and sever whatever remaining loyalty she feels towards her family forever. Feeling more alone now than at any other time in her life, what Kristina doesn’t realize is that the greatest shock has yet to come.
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