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Powerful, engrossing, and heartbreaking, You Shattered My World is the perfect follow-up to You Brought Me Faith, and a page-turner that will keep you awake well into the night. How far would you go to chase your dreams? Having escaped from her evil family in Cebu, Philippines, and trying to establish a relationship with her sister Laarni that she barely knew as a child. Kristina Rivera engaged to Alain Moreau, and mother to twin girls living in Malaysia finds herself caught in a web of lies. As she tries desperately to make a life for herself in the world and raising her twin daughters at the shadow of their absent father, she also begins to uncover his dark secrets, she never imagined. Giving every ounce of her love, loyalty and devotion-even as the beginning of violence start to slip back into her life-Kristina is still determined to make her relationship work to bind her small family together. Kristina’s hoping to somehow make her way to London, England-refuses to give up even during the most troublesome times.
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Whispers: A Collection of Dark Tales
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