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Storage of fresh fruits and vegetables was used extensively by our ancestors to keep food after the harvest season. In these days, post harvest losses is a great concern...... Proper marketing of perishable commodities such as fruits and vegetables often requires some STORAGE to balance day-to-day fluctuations between harvest, distribution and sale or for long-term storage to extend marketing beyond the end of harvest season. Storage of fresh fruits and vegetables prolongs their usefulness and in some cases, improves their quality; it also controls a market glut. The main objective of storage is to control the rate of transpiration, respiration, disease, and insect infestation and to preserve the commodity in its most usable form for the consumer. Therefore the purpose of this course is to ensure that participants have the capacity to apply all aspects of STORAGE relating to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Course Content Include (Among Others): 1. Introduction; 2. Relative Humidity; 3. Weight Losses in variuos fruits and vegetables; 4. Atmospheric Composition; 5. Storage Operations; 6. Trends in Marketing of Fresh Produce; 7. etc. Note: the course also comes with guidelines for storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. Target Group: Individuals and groups responsible for production, wholesale and retail trades of fresh fruits and vegetables; smallholder farmers of fresh fruits and vegetables; large farmers of fresh fruits and vegetables; fild staff responsible for educating farmers as per different programs; logistics officers and supply chain personnel in different capacities; youth with passion for agribusiness; entreprenuers and many other interested stakeholders. Women are very much encouraged to attend as it may assist in their homes. Registration: You can do your registration through online application using email: and or Call: 0882901153 and request instructions for registration. Fee Structure: K55,000.00 per participant/tax inclusive. Package/Investment: Presentations; referencing notes; guidelines for storage of fresh fruits and vegetables; discussions; question cards; survey session; refreshments and lunch. SCOFA (Supply Chain Consultants for Agribusiness) provide training, research, programs, marketing and risk management (farming and farmer risks). Call: 0882901153 for more information.
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