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Title : Baseball's Most Baffling MVP Ballots Available Soon
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From its colorful beginnings more than a century ago, baseball's annual Most Valuable Player Award has become the most prestigious (and contentious) individual honor in the sport. No accolade means more to players, fans or the media. No other award can claim a voting history so rich in alleged snubs, grudges, conspiracies and incompetence. Examining the most controversial ballots, this book attempts to settle some arguments and answer some compelling questions: Which of the so-called "worst MVPs" holds up to modern statistical analysis? Who cast the single worst vote in MVP history? Does racial bias influence the vote? Who really deserved the award in a given year? Baseball's Most Baffling MVP Ballots will attempt to answer these questions, right some wrongs, unravel some threads, and look at some very familiar faces in unfamiliar ways. This book won’t settle every argument about the most infuriating of major sports awards, but it will have fun in trying.
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