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Title : Premeditated
Category : Books
Nick Rafferty spent 7-yrs in prison paying penance for a crime he didn't commit. When he learns his twin brother, Jason, inherited a will from their only blood relative, he arranges payback. Nothing could have prepared him for such drastic measures he’d use, including taking his brother’s girlfriend hostage. Mel Saunders steadily worked for the independence she’s always wanted in New York City. She’s set to make her relationship work with Jason, even if he is too preoccupied to fulfill her domestically. When Jason’s brother, Nick, emerges on her doorstep she is uprooted and taken to the remote wilderness of Michigan. As Nick’s jail mate demands interference with the scheme, Mel considers the complexities of the ex-convict and she questions how her life has changed course so dramatically. Mel could never have calculated the fierce attraction between herself and Nick, or that they could all be heading into deeper waters than anticipated…
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"The Pink Community - The Facts" by Christina Engela
Category : Books
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