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Title : Near to Me
Category : Books
High school graduation was supposed to be the beginning of the rest of Kendra Larson’s life. Instead, longer days are full of farm chores and trying to overcome her father’s incessant strict expectations. Friendship with the family horse, Sage, makes farm life bearable. Kendra’s best friend Caitlin is like a sister to her. Caitlin’s family offers the normalcy Kendra longs for. Caitlin is a solid rock to lean on, but the allure of a cute new neighbor brings new surprises and neither girl can resist exchanging shy glances with the new guy. With the holidays approaching, Kendra will need all her resources to endure challenging times on the farm, as well as facing separation from her father’s regard. On top of that, can Kendra prevent a rift developing in her friendship with Caitlin? Most importantly, how can she find the strength to move past her pain to a brighter future?
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The ABC@@@s of African American Inventions
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