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Title : Love - The Key To Optimism
Category : Books
Love – The Key to Optimism, answers pertinent questions raised by the current generation, as the fast-paced world, adopts change as the new constant. Are the golden virtues of loyalty, responsibility, reliability, and humanity, still relevant? As careers and success gains prime focus, does religion and spirituality have any role in this age of science and technology? To strike a balance between work and life and to live life to its full extent, the book explores the importance of the support of family and friends, in this storm-ravaged barge of life, tossed about by adversities, proving that optimism is the buoy that will hold true, keeping your life anchored and safe.Bringing to the reader’s attention, the core concepts of love, charity, compassion, good-will and humaneness; the book reinforces that this is the Key to Optimism, which is now available worldwide.
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