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Title : Just the Way You Are ~ Aaron & Jane, The Adlers Book 1
Category : Books
Some things are meant to be and others are just never going to happen. His marriage is over, but his super sexy ex-wife keeps calling him. Whatever she’s got in mind, he’s not interested. Is he? Things get even more complicated when Jane Barloc enters his life. Have they met before? As much as he tries to ignore it, the immediate connection he feels is too strong to be denied. When Jane Barloc’s counseling client Connor needs a ride to his parents’ house, she’s happy to help him out. But, when Connor drags her into the house, Jane is shocked to see the man who’s been haunting her dreams for years. She had no idea Connor Adler was related to the famous author. Can the woman who’s always seen herself as a “Plain Jane” win the heart of the handsome and über wealthy man she could never seem to forget? What’s the shockingly erotic surprise Aaron’s ex-wife has in store for him? Will he be able to resist temptation? Just the Way You Are is a deliciously sensual full-length romance with a happily-ever-after ending readers will love.
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