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Title : The MBA Bootcamp: What Every Manager Must Know To Succeed - Kindle Edition
Category : Business
THE 18 ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES There are only a few essential principles and tools which every present and future manager must master. The MBA Bootcamp covers 18 of those most essential principles which you must understand and will increase your chances of success in business. Some of those principles have stood the test of time. Others are just now emerging on the horizon (nothing lasts forever). Understanding the content of The MBA Bootcamp will prove to be rewarding for those who apply themselves 110%. You’ve only got three choices: give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THE MBA BOOTCAMP How to improve your probability of success (success formula, accelerators and complexity)? How to be a better manager (5 essential tasks, innovative mind-set and decision making)? How to increase value (behavioral economics, drivers of value and PBF)? How to win in the new economy (budget allocation, ROI, and digitalization)? How to master essential processes (Triple Bottom Line, agile, and internationalization)? How to build a business for the future (agile strategy, six career weapons and startups)? How Amazon, Google, Lego and other companies succeed? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Gerard l. Danford received his PhD in Economics from The Helsinki School of Economics (Finland), his MBA from the London Business School (United Kingdom), and his BSc in Industrial Engineering from Central Connecticut State University (USA).
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