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Title : TRISOMY XXI by G.A. Minton
Category : Books
Sixteen-year-old Joshua Allen was born with an extra chromosome—a genetic aberration known as Trisomy XXI, or Down Syndrome. When a serious accident leaves him in a coma at the hospital, Joshua receives a mysterious injection that endows him with supernatural powers. The transformed teen is linked to a string of bizarre, unexplained deaths that have both the town’s sheriff and the coroner baffled. But when a ghastly creature from another planet lands on Earth and begins its hunt for Joshua—viciously slaughtering anyone in its path in order to complete its deadly mission—Joshua and his friends are thrust into a world of terror. What follows is a horrific life-and-death struggle with the seemingly-indestructible extraterrestrial being. The salvation of an entire race of aliens hangs in the balance! TRISOMY XXI by G.A. Minton has received the following honors: (1) Named a Benjamin Franklin Digital Book Award SILVER HONOREE by the Independent Book Publishers Association, based on exceptional content, design, and use of technology, (2) Voted Second Place winner of the INDIE Book Awards in the Best Young Adult category, (3) Nominated by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society for the Compton Crook Award, which honors the best first novel of the year written by a single author in the fields of Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror, (4) Recommended for consideration of a 2016 Bram Stoker Award in the New Novel category, and (5) A recipient of multiple 5-Star reviews from Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Amazon Book Reviews, Goodreads Reviews, Reader Views, and other reviewers.
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