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Inside The Midnight Hour
How would you feel if you were a private eye and the mayor of your hometown called you up to help solve a murder case? On top of that, everyone in town still hates you, including your ex-girlfriend. Well, this is the situation Joe Frost has found himself in. Brought in to help solve a five-year-old case, enemies around every corner, and a police chief that wants you out of town. But these are minor things when he is faced with the true horrors that await him. The games that the killer will play with Joe’s mind will take him down a road that will change him forever. Question is, will he stop the killer before it’s too late?
Achieve Success with Self-Esteem
Looking to reach your goals and achieve greater success? Discover how self-esteem can help to you accomplish them and do so. Do you hate books that discuss theory or why and do not provide step by step strategies? You will learn step by step strategies that will help you to reach goal, let go, free yourself from stress, manage conflict and much more to have a happy and successful life.
Midnight Black - The Purge
Billy Russell’s career as a DEA officer abruptly ends when he cold-bloodedly executes the man who committed a heinous crime against him. Sentenced to 20 years hard labor in total isolation from the outside world, he’s suddenly, and without explanation, released on parole 5 years early. Returning to society, he learns that an isolated nuclear attack spread primal fear of a nuclear holocaust allowing Autocratic billionaires to seize control of the world. But their faulty economic policies have caused rampant poverty, crime, disease, and drug addiction. As a condition of his parole, Billy is assigned to a government drug enforcement unit in Boston, but soon makes a gruesome discovery of the unit’s true mission. Approached by a secret underground dissident group planning to overthrow the authoritarian world government, Billy joins them to end the demonic reign of tyranny only to discover the shocking details of what is really taking place. Midnight Black is a fast-paced, action packed thriller/suspense novel in the tradition of author Lee Child.
Creative Retirement for Women
In order to beat the retirement crisis, a well crafted financial and social plan is essential. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and to develop a lifestyle that fits your personality.
Gone Diving: My Adventures Above and Below the Waves
Have you ever wondered what life as a SCUBA Diving Instructor is really like? Is it as glamorous a lifestyle as they say? Do they live-the-dream? Follow the author as he evolves from a novice diver, to become the owner of his own dive business. Travel the world, country-to-country, as he “chases-the-sun” - from the islands of Fiji and Australia in the east, to Central America and the Caribbean in the west. Share his adventures above and below the ocean's surface:- Experience the thrill of Shark encounters, the beauty of colourful Nudibranches, and the serenity of majestic Manta Rays. Embark upon marine conservation projects in the Seychelles and Belize, studying corals and exotic creatures. Discover long forgotten Maya Temples hidden beneath dense rainforest, and climb an erupting volcano. Marvel at Uluru, live on a remote desert island, and survive a burning ship as it slips beneath the waves. Experience the best, and the worst, of being a diving instructor... These and many more adventures await you in, "Gone Diving: My Adventures Above and Below the Waves." “Gone Diving” is the third book in "The Memoir Series."
Single-Crewed: My Life as a Police Officer
Having travelled the world in the Royal Navy, the author was unable to settle into the slower pace of life as a civilian. He yearned for action and excitement. He missed the camaraderie of his former life. His search led him to the Lincolnshire Police Force... Full of energy and enthusiasm, he became a Police Constable, patrolling the rural flatlands, towns and villages of the county. “Single-Crewed” follows his progress from a raw-recruit with an idealistic image of a police officer’s role, to a streetwise experienced officer, and tutor. Share his adventures as he faces violence and aggression on the streets, becomes a member of the Riot-Team, and works closely with colleagues in the Dog Section. Experience the thrill of high-speed pursuits, the excitement of foot-chases, and the fear of encounters with armed and dangerous suspects. Forget the stereotypical image of the “British Bobby,” this is the true story of life as a Police Officer in 90’s Britain. Charting the high-points and the low-points of his career, it depicts life as a member of the thin-blue-line. “Single-Crewed” is the second book in “The Memoir Series.”
Beyond the Waves: My Royal Navy Adventures
As a child, the author dreamt of action, adventure, and foreign travel. At the age of 20, he took the first tentative steps towards achieving those goals; he joined Her Majesty’s Royal Navy as an Artificer Apprentice. Beyond the Waves follows his progress from a naive recruit at HMS Raleigh, to a Petty Officer Weapons Engineer in charge of his own section aboard the aircraft-carrier, HMS Invincible. Join him as he travels the world from the frozen Arctic Circle, to the blistering heat of the Sahara; from the tranquil Caribbean Islands, to the mysteries of Oriental Japan. Share his adventures as he encounters typhoons in the South China Seas, conducts Pirate Patrols, and has a close-call with an IRA terrorist. Experience the excitement as he chases drug-smuggling ships, gets attacked by fruit bats, and patrols the Persian Gulf. This is a story of fun and excitement, and of voyages to foreign shores. Often humorous, it is the true story of Royal Navy life in the 80’s and 90’s. It is the story of my Navy Years... Beyond the Waves is the first book in “The Memoir Series.”
Robert J. Emery, author
Robert J. Emery writes under the pen name R.J. Eastwood. Over his long career as a member of the Directors Guild of America, he has written, produced, and directed both feature films and television programming and everything in between. His production work has garnered him over 75 industry awards along the way. To date, Mr. Emery has published seven books, four of which were nonfiction based on his Starz/Encore television series “The Directors.” His first novel (as Robert J. Emery) was chosen as one of the top five finalists in the Next Generation Indie Books Awards. In the Fall of 2017 he published the science fiction adventure “The Autopsy of Planet Earth.” It won the 2018 Readers’ Favorite Gold Award for Science Fiction, the 2018 Book Talk Radio Book of the Year, and the 2017 Authors Circle First Place Award for Fiction With the release of his newest novel, “Midnight Black”, he is busy working on his next entitled “The White Prize.” When not writing, Mr. Emery can be found in the kitchen creating and preparing sumptuous Italian meals. He credits his culinary expertise to his Sicilian mother, who took the time to teach him to cook. Visit Mr. Emery’s author web site to learn more about his background as a writer/director in the entertainment industry as well as his book writing. He enjoys hearing from readers and encourages them to connect with him through his (where there is an email address) as well as his social media sites.
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Learn to recite
Sophie and Max
Sophie and Max is a science fiction/fantasy series aimed at 8-12 year old readers. It is an engaging and humorous story that will appeal to teens as well. Through a shift in time and space, a beautiful young scientist is transformed into a snooty Siamese cat—that's Sophie. She is rescued by a kindly old man who lives with a shaggy mongrel dog—that's Max. Sophie is determined to return to her former life as a human. Max is only too happy to help—to get rid of her! With the use of powerful crystals, and magic chants, Sophie and Max set off on adventures across space and time. In their travels, in both animal and human form, they overcome difficulties and learn the true meaning of friendship.
Window In The Sky
My recently published book, "Window In The Sky" documents my experiences growing up during the 1970's and coming to terms with being gay at a time when it was only just becoming openly accepted. It was a time that saw the beginnings of the "gay movement" and the world slowly starting to change for the better. The ongoing fight for acceptance and equality has been a struggle ever since and still today there are countries around the world where gay men and women are discriminated against, suffer homophobia and sadly cannot express themselves or their love for one another freely, without fear of persecution. Containing poems, short stories and drawings, the book is a diary of my emotional thoughts and experiences during a time when I was learning to understand myself, my feelings and the ever changing world around me. A time of discovering who I really am. "Window In The Sky " is available to download in digital form, or to purchase as a full colour paperback book with additional art work and photographs, from Amazon. Search Amazon for "Window In The Sky: The Love Ring by Charles Paul Fox"
Two Shades of Vice: Based on the true story of an interracial couple's life together in crime
Richard and Mildred Loving were an interracial couple, but neither one of them were criminals. During the same period of the Lovings relationship, a rare brand of interracial couple would emerge. Enter Alla Mae Briggs. She is four foot eleven and one-hundred twenty pounds of pure street hustle. Alla Mae has engaged herself in crimes such as prostitution, petty larceny, theft, and forgery. It is the early 1960s and vice is at an all-time high on the dangerous streets of Kansas City, Missouri. Alla Mae has never worked a legitimate job in her young life and probably never will. She meets her match when a career criminal named Gordon Reynolds witnesses her skills as a masterful street hustler. Her ability to con and rob men of substantial amounts of money is the perfect recruit for his criminal stable. There might be a twenty-six year difference between their ages, but they won’t allow the wide gap to stop them from making money together. Alla Mae and Gordon realize that they’ll be facing incredible odds against a predominantly white racist society. They’re very well aware that interracial unions are outlawed in seventeen states across America. Missouri is definitely one of the frontrunners in stopping blacks and whites from marrying or living together. Despite the ongoing threats of the anti-miscegenation laws, they move forward with their plans to make money together in vice. Gordon uses money obtained from his criminal activities to purchase two houses at the far north end of Kansas City. These houses will be used solely for the purpose of prostitution, drugs, liquor, cigarettes and a little gambling. Gordon gives Alla Mae exclusive control over prostitution inside both bawdy houses. She utilizes her skills of recruiting experienced prostitutes to come and work for Gordon. Customers visit the houses and are given a choice between their selection of luscious prostitutes. While Alla Mae handles the prostitution end of their vice activities, Gordon and one of his closest friends set up rooms in the bawdy houses to stash the liquor, dope, cigarettes, and illicit cash. What will Gordon do when his supplies get low? He’ll do what any other smart street hustler will do. Hijacking, stealing, robbing, and bribing are his methods of obtaining more goods that his customers so desperately need and want. Gordon and Alla Mae haven’t forgotten that the competition steadily grows all around them. Local Italian, Irish, Jewish and Black gangsters will eventually want a piece of their action. Gordon is hardly willing to give up a dime for all the hard work and money that he’s invested into his infant criminal empire. Racist cops are infuriated to learn that they’ve been running vice right up under their noses. The interracial pair becomes aware that the alliance between ruthless gangsters and racist cops are a potential fatal combination. Salvatore DeCarlo is the reigning vice lord of Kansas City. His underling is a maddog killer named Bruno Maggadino. Both are two of the most feared mobsters that Kansas City has ever known. They are forces to be reckoned with. In order to stay alive and to stay in business, Gordon has no problem with paying them protection money. Together, it is DeCarlo and Maggadino who can cool the hot breath of the criminal dragons who want to fatally consume Gordon and Alla Mae in order to take over their profitable rackets. In the end, Gordon Reynolds and Alla Mae Briggs learn that they have a lot more in common than just a life of crime. It was their love for one another which bridged the gap between their big age difference and the color of their skin. Based on Dewey Reynolds’ nonfiction, true crime book about his real life parents, who were a white man and a black woman, and who were two people who started out together in a life of crime, but ended up expressing their undying love for one another.
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