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The Dressing Room
The Dressing Room is a celebration of fashion and takes you into a world of luxury labels, cosmetics and haute couture. Chris is gay, but he doesn’t know it; while growing up in the North of England in the 1960’s he felt like an outsider, not helped by his height; at the age of 15 he was 6’ foot 4”. He just doesn’t fit in with his peers, and as much as he wants to be like them, he knows that he isn’t and never will be. After a difficult childhood, Chris feels alone, lost and friendless. He’s filled with self-doubt and self-loathing and has no direction. His only escape is his passion for the glamorous world of fashion, particularly haute couture, which he studies daily in the glossy fashion magazines while working at W H Smiths. However, this is the 1970’s, and as much as he wants to make fashion his career, in the macho culture of the North of England, young working-class men do not do ‘fashion’. To supplement his income, Chris takes a part-time job at a hotel, where he meets the self-assured John Moore; a talented, good-looking chef who slowly opens up a new and unknown world, taking Chris on a personal journey of self-discovery. During this journey, fuelled by memories of his unhappy childhood experiences, Chris wants to help others and moves into the psychiatric nursing profession, which gives him a sharp wakeup call and reality check. As the 1980’s fast approach Chris’ passion for fashion remains unabated. The ‘New Romantic’ fashion and music scene is developing, and Chris is in his element. Could this finally be the opportunity he’s been looking for and a doorway into the luxurious world he’s been dreaming about? Has he the courage to follow a dream and re-write his future? Or does fate have other things in store for him?
The Beauty Room
The Beauty Room is a charming, light-hearted, celebration of the world of beauty. It’s an amusing story about this esoteric world, a world full of pseudoscience and beautifying promises. It follows the life of Barbara Day a character from Grahame’s first book “The Dressing Room.” It begins at a prestigious Beauty Awards Ceremony in London in 2002 and then goes back to 1950 where it all began for Barbara, working for the mysterious Madame Jacqueline Deveze in her salon in the Northern Textile Town of Huddersfield in England. The book follows Barbara’s amusing journey to become a name in the beauty industry, and we are introduced to designer fashions, hairstyles, lotions, potions, perfumes, beaus, bitches, and some of life's amusing foibles.
The Ghost from the Molly House
Jasper Claxton was only twenty when he died in the early part of the 18th century in Newgate prison in London, because of gross injustice and cruel, barbaric beliefs, and practices. He’s now a super ghost who travels through time, helping others who are either the victims of crime, or troublesome and dangerous spirits. The Ghost from the Molly-House is a collection of five ghost stories, some traditional and some with a modern twist. In the first story, the year is 2017, it’s London Fashion Week, and Jasper helps a top fashion designer who is suspected of the murder of a billionaire businessman. The next story takes place in 1973 where Jasper helps a lonely teenager, Simon, who’s on the brink of suicide. The Fazakerley Incident is set in Wales in 1923 at a large country house and tells the story of a séance and a vengeful poltergeist. The Pluckley Incident takes place in 1934 and involves a disturbed grave, symbols, possible devil worship, and the stealing of souls. The fifth story returns to Simon in 2015.
The Jasper Claxton Mysteries
Jasper Claxton was only twenty when he died in the early part of the 18th century in Newgate prison in London, because of gross injustice and cruel, barbaric beliefs, and practices. He’s now a super ghost who travels through time, helping others who are either the victims of crime, or troublesome and dangerous spirits. The Jasper Claxton Mysteries is a collection of three ghost stories that mix actual places, and historical events, with fantasy. The first story is set in Haiti in 1933. While searching for some ancient stones that are said to have mystical powers, Jasper finds himself helping MI6 who are looking for a missing agent while investigating dark voodoo rituals, drug smuggling, and modern-day slavery. The second story is set in Paris in 1900. Jasper works with a perfumier and spiritual medium, to try and stop a sinister Brotherhood, who are trying to become immortal and want to control the supernatural and the natural order of things. The third story is set in Venice, Italy in 1934. Jasper finds himself back with MI6 who are investigating a research centre and sinister Artificial Intelligence.
Mated By A Thug
It's the year 2138. The government has automated the marriage process, reserving the full rights to choose for each citizen his soulmate. Resistance to the mating system is a punishable crime. Camilla has been struggling with memories of how her father sexually abused her for eight years of her life, just after she lost her mother to suicide. As though this isn't enough to make her life a living hell, the man the government has mated her with is a sexual predator and a drug dealer. Unable to cope with the marriage, she runs off and changes her identity when her husband is jailed for drug trafficking. While rebuilding her life, she doesn't expect to find herself falling in love with her new neighbor—a drop dead gorgeous judge. Their love is an illegal union frowned upon by the government. But she doesn't care about that. She only worries about how long she can hide her dark past from the man she loves. But that's not the only problem. Her husband is out of jail and he wants her back. his book contains graphic descriptions of abuse and has lots of hot sexual content. This book can pose as a trigger for some. Not for the faint of heart.
Cinnamon Chronicles: Kiss In The Lace Or Song Of Cinnamon
Cinnamon Lyle's used to looking for love in all the wrong places. As a survivor of an abusive childhood and a strained relationship with a mother who refused to believe her claims, she's endured a lingering struggle with self-esteem. After years in an abusive marriage, she's determined to make a better life. One day, she and her young children, Daniella and Will, flee North Carolina and set out for California where she leaps full-force into the world of investigative reporting. But when her career and her dangerous personal life collide, she faces decisions that threaten both her family's well-being and the success she's achieved.
Justice Sings The Blues
Nora and James Brown are black, accomplished, and living the American Dream. She’s a doctor and he’s a lawyer. Together, they’re raising three young children in an affluent neighborhood in Maryland. But when James receives a significant career opportunity in Denver – the decision to uproot the family means big changes for everyone. All the while, Nora, a career-driven woman, wrestles with being a supportive wife. Ultimately, the family makes the journey. But they soon discover that though the new scenery is pleasant, the social climate is anything but good. After James witnesses a frightening incident, he faces a big decision. Should he stay quiet, or should he get involved at the risk of bringing national attention to himself and his family?
Schooling Bitches: Let The Games Begin
Denise has the perfect relationship with her boyfriend Keshawn until he starts keeping late nights. Although he makes her believe he has to either work overtime or attend very important meetings, she grows suspicious about how he spends his time and who he might be hanging out with. Thus, she hires a private detective to spy on him. She is shattered to discover he's cheating on her and decides to get back at him. Soon, Keshawn turns away from his dirty ways, but this doesn't soften her resolve to make him pay. She hooks up with Trent, an old acquaintance, and after a passionate night in bed with him, she makes him move over to the house where she lives with Keshawn. Turning into a savage out of revenge. But soon, things spiral out of control.
Devil's Playground
When First Lady Flawless' parents and in-laws simultaneously decide to spend a few days at her matrimonial home, she expects anything but a peaceful coexistence between both parties. While her mother makes it her business to always counter the racist comments from her husband's side of the family, her father, Pastor Al Tunner, is bent on being peaceable, as the Lord requires of him. The two families are startled to learn that Flawless and her husband Prince run a church, and Pastor Al Tunner is appalled by the detestable practices approved by the church. But this means nothing to Pastor Prince--an unethical man who is enslaved by his fleshly desires and would go to the dirtiest lengths to secure the bag. And soon, his whole world crumbles around him as he finds himself in more trouble than he'd bargained for.
You don’t have to be into sport to enjoy this book as Brian shares the secrets of winning in life as well as sport… “Dr. Llyr C. Jones - A compelling read on the life and driving forces behind one of the greatest UK judoka and sportsmen. Brian’s personality and infectious positivity and drive come over on every page.” In the twilight of his glittering competitive career Brian took part in BBC’s Superstars and with his professional approach he almost single handedly pushed the show to new levels. Millions more than ever before tuned in which catapulted Brian to household status. Tagged as Britain’s fittest man he inspired generations to follow his example and get fit. Plus many more followed him into the mystic world of Martial Arts. This is a fascinating and a revealing account of how Brian became a champion. He faced challenges and he asked himself serious questions about what he’d let himself in for. But he decided to fight. In life it’s FIGHT or FLIGHT and Brian’s a fighter who never shirks a challenge. Even during his darkest days he found inner steel to soldier on which is a testament to his particular brand of grit, courage and work ethic. There is no doubt that Brian had talent and he successfully mixed it with dedication, discipline and determination. Sacrifices were made and tears were shed as Brian overcame adversity to reach the top in judo one of the World’s toughest sports.
Church vision
Main ingredients & Spices : 2 l water Salt 1 kg of chicken fillet 2 tbsp oil for sauteing 8 pieces of orange leaf, discard the leaf bone, thinly sliced 2 stalks lemongrass, crushed 100 ml coconut milk ½ coconut 250 ml of cooking oil Blend : 5 cloves of garlic 8 grains of red onion 3 pieces of red chili 4 candlenuts 1 cm turmeric Salt Brown sugar WAY MAKE ABON CHICKEN : Boil water & salt, add fillet chicken. Cook soft. Lift. Spread chicken meat with tools fine suwir meat beatter. Heat oil saute spices, leaves citrus & lemon grass. Enter chicken meat, mix well. Pour the coconut milk, cook over low heat stirred & turned dry. Heat oil, fry batter meat the chicken is mixed dry. Lift & drain the oil pressed / squeeze. Separate the dough with no fork clot. Serve.
In Defense of Innocence
Janice Williams, head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Child Sex Crime Division closes in on a child abuser only to have a vigilante beat her to the fiend. Now she is tasked to capture the vigilante, but when she uncovers the identity, she must decide to do her duty or help the person escape a nation-wide manhunt
Dalton, an eighteen year old from Washington D.C., has been suffering depression since the death of his father and has come to the attention of ISIS recruiters. When Dalton’s mother, Gale, realizes his involvement with the fanatical group, she teams up with Dalton’s Muslim girlfriend, Daanya. Will there love for Dalton be enough?
Five Ferries
Stephen Kylemore yearns to escape a country and a family torn apart by the Vietnam War. Buoyed by his love of literature and a dream of living an odyssey of his own, he buys a one-way ticket for the journey he will come to call “Europe on No Dollars a Day.” Stephen joins young people from around the world on a road with no clear destination. He hitchhikes, sleeps in the woods, looks for work and trades one paperback novel for another to maintain his alternate reality. He finds instant friends and transient romance. His months of travel inevitably reveal the circle of life and make him confront the tension and the passion he left behind. Readers of a certain age will recognize a world that seems archaic in this day of debit cards and instant communication. But time and technology don’t diminish the universal human experience of survival and redemption, love, loss and liberty that await any traveler breaking trail.
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