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Island Fever: Book One
A group of six beautiful, bi-sexual women from different backgrounds agree to come together and spend six weeks on an island paradise in the middle of the South Pacific with a lone, mysterious man. Of course, they will be paid a hefty sum of money for their time and effort. What does Jeremy, a reclusive billionaire, want from them? Why is he paying them so much money to basically be his guests? Will it just be six weeks of hedonism or does he have something more long-term in mind for the ladies? And why does Jeremy have hidden cameras everywhere on the island?
Maldene Three-Book Bundle Deal
Now that "Maldene II: Mysteries Of Olde" is out, many of you need to get caught up. That is why I've created a special bundle deal on my web site. Both volumes of the first Maldene novel (total of 330,000 words), plus "Maldene II: Mysteries of Olde" (about 375,000 words), and the free full color map, all for $9.95. Just go over to “Maldene II: Mysteries Of Olde” picks up the story of Sabu, Eldar, Sindar, and their companions to hunt down the secret of a mysterious map they found back in the bowels of Thïr Tÿorca. A map that will lead them to the most incredible secret that the world of Maldene possesses. As around the world the forces of the villainous Miro begin to move towards a war centuries in the planning, it may be that what this map leads to may be the only way of stopping him… unless that is exactly what Miro wants. “A world beyond time... an adventure beyond imagining.”
Main ingredients: 1 large onion 1 pack of seasoning flour Water The oil for frying Way : Peel the onion, wash it off, Iris crosswise in a circle. how, for 2, divide 2 continue Describe the onion slices to separate ... set aside Make dough flour + condensed water. put the decomposed onions. Heat the oil. fried onions, dip into oil, on frying pan. wait to mature, turn once, ready served.
The ingredients make a unique meatball of tuna : 350gr tuna fish smoothed out 50 gr sago flour starch ½ tsp salt 3 cloves of garlic ½ tsp pepper powder 1 egg To make gravy meatball : 7 cloves of garlic 3 cloves of red onion Leek Celery leaves to taste Sasa is optional Salt ½ tsp pepper powder ¼ tsp nutmeg Water broth of the remaining stew meatball How To Make Meatball Unique Fish Tongkol : I puree garlic, add pepper powder, salt & mix it to tuna fish batter Blend the tuna with a blender soft. Let the tuna fish after dipfillet & chopped into the refrigerator 1hr. When refine the cold do not too hard. Finish enter egg & sago flour. Diuleni mixed evenly. Next step, cook water in a pan boiling. Boil you make ball spheres kneading tuna fish. Enter into boiling water. Turn on the fire cooking water & wait baksonya floats. If it is, remove the drain. The rest of the meatball stew water is not thrown away. Use this leftover water to make meatball sauce. For baksonya sauce: Sliced garlic & shallots fried crisp. Blend the fried onions into the broth, enter pepper powder & nutmeg powder. After that add the spring onions & leaves of celery savory. If you have, you taste the sauce. Do not forget to add salt & Sasa according to the taste of tongue you. That was the recipe & how to make a unique meatball tuna fish. The process of making not much different process of making meatball Materials used also make your pocket frugal. Making meatballs of cows, certainly expensive expenses. This tuna, you save on spending presents delicious food & delicious for your family. Lovers meatballs, this would be an appropriate alternative for you enjoy the meatballs with different flavors. You have many family members, you can add ingredients to make a lot of meatballs. Have a nice try & enjoy.
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The Anonymous Man
What if one day you could become anonymous, free of obligations, free to do what you have always wanted to do?
Saman Dance in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Main ingredients : 50 g sago Kraft cheddar cheese 200 ml Barbeque Sauce 1 pack Macaroni Ham / Corned 1 can 1 piece of Potato 2 pieces of garlic 1/4 onion Way : Boil the macaroni gently. Then drain. Cut a thin potato. Then, fried. Then, finely ground. Fried garlic, onions, & corned beef / ham. Wait the onions look yellow. Combine mashed potatoes, sago, fried onions, ham fried & boiled macaroni. Stir evenly. Put ½ dough on a 5 minute baked container After that, the same container, put a barbeque sauce on it. Bake 2 minutes Then, put the remaining dough & roast 5 minutes Finally, decorate it with cheese on top & leaves and leaves others.
Learn to cut & stick in class
Main ingredients : Chicken 1 kg Garlic 3 cloves Ginger 4 cm Water Oil 4 cm Onion Bombay ½ fruit Butter 5 tbsp English ketchup 2 tbsp Sweet soy sauce 5 tbsp Salt Pepper 1 onion leaf Lime juice 1 piece Way : Prepare panic presto, pour water, put chicken, garlic & ginger Boiled 20 minutes calculated since the presto panic sounds Separate the chicken from the water Heat oil, saute onion Bombay, fragrant garlic Add butter, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, salt & pepper, mix well Enter the boiled chicken, stirring the spices over the chicken Enter the green onion & lime juice, stirring again Serve
Main ingredients : 1/2 kg Chicken wings 1 onion 3 cloves of red onion 2 cloves of garlic 2 cm galangal 3 pieces of orange leaf 3 pieces of red chili 5 tablespoons sweet soy sauce 1 orange juice Salt Pepper powder Sasa 500 ml of water Oil for sauteing Way : Boil the chicken 15 minutes. Slice onions, red peppers, onions & garlic. Gekrek Galang. Heat oil & saute onion seasoning withered. Drain the chicken. Saute with seasoning. Put salt, Pepper powder & Sasa. Stir evenly Enter the lime juice & sweet soy sauce. Stir & water. Cook Season. Lift serve with white rice.
Handicraft tools
The beauty of a peacock
The Small Talk Challenge Teaches You How to Talk to Anyone
The Small Talk Challenge is a book by Reid Damon that teaches you how to talk to anyone and experience the sense of fun, excitement and accomplishment that comes with creating new connections. Talking to strangers in your neighbourhood, at the office, in the store or on your daily commute is often a challenge. Most of us grew up hearing our parents say we shouldn't speak to strangers. This is an important way of keeping your children safe, but it tends to isolate us as adults. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to have a conversation with anyone. It has distilled everything you need to know into 7 simple steps to go from “I can’t talk to strangers” to “I can’t wait for a chance to talk to and interact with everyone." These steps are meant to be easy and fun. The challenging nature of the steps vary from the first being the easiest and the last being the most difficult. If you read this guide and implement what you learn, you will gain the ability to talk to anyone. CONVERSATION: The Small Talk Challenge will teach you how to overcome the fear of speaking to people, how to make a proper introduction, how to master the art of small talk, how to keep the conversation going past the pleasantries, how to mirror and match to create rapport with strangers, how to turn strangers into friends, how to become the center of attention, and so much more. The hardest part of socializing, for many people, is initiating a conversation. Once you get good at starting conversations, a lot of other things will progress in the way you want; such as networking, making friends, your love life, etc. Talking to strangers is one of the more important things you can learn to do as an adult. With this book, you will learn how to overcome the challenge of being unable to speak to people, especially strangers. This new skill will change your social and professional life…
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"In the Arms of the Spiral@@@ by C. Rhalena Renee
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