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“THOU SHALT NOT KILL” Killing someone is a deadly sins, isn’t it? So why is Sarah Wenham preparing to end her husband, Tom’s life? Sarah, is a partner in a busy law practice, and her husband is in a coma following an air accident. The consultant treating Tom informs Sarah that there is no brain stem function, and suggests that he should be allowed to die naturally with dignity. Sarah loves Tom so much, so how can she give permission for the machine keeping him alive, to be switched off? Deep down, Sarah knows there is no hope for Tom, and she reluctantly agrees. The only way Sarah can cope with the knowledge of what she has done, is to build a wall of ice around herself and her emotions. When she employs experienced solicitor, John Bradley, to help with the workload of a busy law practice, she refuses to befriend him. How and when the ice in her heart melts, is the nub of this sometimes terrifying, yet heart-warming story? Sarah goes through a lifetime’s worth of trauma in a short time, including being stalked and kidnapped before she is rescued from a deserted farmhouse and is able to achieve closure.”
Natalie Royce has two loves in her life - flying and business. As CEO of oChip, she's forced to move her corporate headquarters from NYC to Ohio. A strange phenomenon opens in her new backyard and pulls her across the universe where she must use her wits and skills to overcome great odds. She discovers more of herself and one other important aspect she's long ignored, her ability to love.
Rarity from the Hollow, Adult Literary Science Fiction
“..There's much that will linger in the head after reading this book..” @AlteredInstinct Available for Any eReader: Prerelease Paperback: Proceeds help abused children. #ASMSG Award Winning Adult Literary #scifi
Rarity from the Hollow, Adult Literary Science Fiction
“..There's much that will linger in the head after reading this book..” @AlteredInstinct Available for Any eReader: Prerelease Paperback: Proceeds help abused children. #ASMSG Award Winning Adult Literary #scifi
Truths of The Noah's FLOOD
The Noah's Flood (it means a major catastrophic disaster, NOT only flood) is mentioned in The Holy-books, Sumerian’s tablets, almost all ancient civilizations , nevertheless today’s many different cultures have also a spotlight to it . Surely, all around the world three religion believers and some other nations admitted with certainty The Noah Flood. The existence of very similar folk epics about The Noah Flood at different nations, may prove that a common ancestor of all nations has survived from The Noah Flood. Of course. The Noah Flood happened in the depths of history, at unknown times. We all know why it happened. On the other hand , how The Noah Flood occurred is a matter of serious debate. For this purpose many questions are Raised to understand this magical phenomenon. The questions are: – When did it happen. – Is it global or Limited – How all animals were attracted from all around the World – How did they fit into The Ship – How all animals were kept alive in harmony – How they were Fed – How they were kept under control, without give effecting each other – Sources of Water – Where was it coming from and going to ? – How a “ Wooden Ship” resisted a high waves, high as much as the mountains And many other questions. It is scientifically possible to give answers to all these questions currently , knowing that same answers were not possible 400 years ago. The Noah Flood will be clearly understood in the future, with developing technology. There is no doubt that there was a high-Tech at The Noah Flood time, higher than we have. My book has answer all above and other questions. The Noah Flood age is at least; more than 60,000 years, depends on Australian Aborigines, Average; 500,000-600,000 years, depends on age of volcanic eruptions and number of prophets, the last volcanic eruption of Kilimanjaro, 495.000 years, and at most; a couple of million years, depends on age of Antarctica ice and some info on Sumerian Tablets.
Private Investigator JOHN HANDFUL specialises in solving the impossible cases that the Suffolk Constabulary cannot, and when local businessman Charles 'Buster' Bill is found mutilated in the local forest, it is believed there is a maniac on the loose. JOHN HANDFUL thinks differently. His own investigation soon reveals that at the heart of the man's death lies a devastating secret and by the time Handful realizes what it is he has just made himself the next target. . . PAIN HAS A PERMANENT ADDRESS: Only those who have been that way, before, know the actual location.
Come- Travel with me
Author hated books and that itself makes readers curious. A book from a person who hated books. Come- Travel With Me is a compilation of 10 events happened to author and his father during their younger age. The era they lived in clearly depicts the experience they had and how those incidents mould their lives. Author tries to give some lessons he learned from these stories and he try to evaluate this generations experiences. Author is taking his readers to travel in time with him. Readers will find it very interesting as most of them will wonder how this is even possible. Born and brought up in India has given author to experience a different taste of life. In this book he is inviting every one to take a journey with him where he is reliving his life one more time. Enjoy...
Last Light Falling: The Ten, Book III A nation has fallen only to give rise to another. Arena struggles to find peace until she can find her brother, who has fallen into the hands of Russian operatives in Cairo. America is no more, but the resilience of a new fellowship must endure the worst to come if they are to survive this war. A new world order, headed by Russia's leader, spells doom for Israeli's rebellious refusal to join. The last ten sustainable nations are forced to unite in efforts to rise above an economic cataclysm. While conflict brews, an army of incomprehensible magnitude is being assembled to thwart the Jewish state. Though the fate of Israel is in peril, Arena's presence will be the key to its stand, but she must lead her friends through plagued cities and across the torturous desert to reach Jerusalem, the only safe place left. The Ten gives us a small look into a tragic future that may be possible. In this thrilling installment of the Last Light Falling series, J.E. Plemons creates a world antonymous of the world we live in today, but eerily close to what it may become. The story continues with Arena fighting her way against evil to survive. While the world hovers in the hands of a menacing tyrant, something more sinister looms—Hell is coming.
Infinitum: Book of Dreams
Book of Dreams is the first book of the Infinitum Series. Waking up in a hospital, Hei'Leon Saturnia opens his eyes with a new perspective on life, death, and dreams. While unraveling the mystery of his own life and the reason for all of his misfortunes, Leon finds himself connected to the world in a way he never knew existed. Death is just the beginning as Leon finds himself on a journey to chase his dreams with just one question in mind...Am I awake?
Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator
Get a glimpse into life in the days of Indentureship in Trinidad and Tobago. Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator, is an inspiring and motivational story. The book received two five-star reviews from Readers Favorite. The foreword was written by a former Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago, Sir Isaac Hyatali, Q.C.[now deceased] Do you know that at one time Education was not a priority? The young teacher Andrew overcame all obstacles and became a trailblazer in Education in his country climbing the ladder from classroom management to school principal, and superintendent of schools. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago awarded him a scholarship to study teaching methods in the United Kingdom. School violence was never heard of during his tenure.
Levels To My Insanity UnMastered
Levels To My Insanity is about a woman who has dealt with mental, emotional, and physical trauma throughout her life. It all comes to a breaking point for her one day and she finds herself trapped in the mental prison of her mind. Now she is fighting to gain her sanity Nothing is ever what it seems and as the fragments of her sanity come together so does the darkest truths. She and everyone around her see the true depths of her spiral into insanity.
The Peregrinate Chronicles
Four humans are beamed aboard an alien space ship after a virus wipes out most of human life on earth. On the way to a strange planet where humans originated from, the four friends face dangerous aliens, time travel, ghost ships and the unknown dangers of the universe. The four-book series is available on Amazon.
Global Black Domination & Warning Black America
A Black Creator GOD needs a handbook, a Manual. This literary power pack is a must have with 4 Ruler guides for reference on all things LIFE. Be sure to get all four at
Dare you to not hold your breath! Absolute Darkness available 6.28.18
A thrill ride through time. Brandy and Susan take a break from cave-diving to explore a dry cave. They shimmy through the wrong tight squeeze and end up in the center of a 10,000 year old battle and meet Alexander. Through multiple timelines Alexander tries to keep Brandy safe. He knows he will be defeated, yet he persists. All timelines converge into one desperate moment deep in a submerged cave. Who will come out alive? Available 6.28.18
Between Transitions by James Bonner
my debut novel, Between Transitions.
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