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Brother's keeper,sister's keeper
An acrylic on canvas depicting two hands holding in a pose that signifies assistance/help, an action that we all find ourself in, either one way or the other
The Road to Beira
THE ROAD TO BEIRA The road from Beira to Mount Vanduzi is more than a bit remote. A group in a broken down hire car could find themselves in trouble, until a car going in the opposite direction offers rescue.
Jeremiah 29 11 canvas framed poster art
Jeremiah 29 11 canvas framed poster art
Mass Awakening
AN EXPOSÉ ON DARK AGENDAS AND HOW PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING BACK The Truth has been hidden from us while a global policy of mass depopulation and exploitation has been carried out behind the scenes for the past half-century. The author, an independent journalist, became aware of this agenda only in the past few years. She found it hard to believe, but in-depth research and the testimony of whistleblowers worldwide have exposed these strategies. They include geoengineering (chemtrails), fluoridation of water supplies, GMOs, vaccinations, false flag terrorist attacks, and economic warfare by the group David Wilcock calls the Cabal. However, despite this grim reality, a positive shift of mass awakening is occurring worldwide. Tribunals are being established to prosecute elite offenders; revelations of hidden technology like free-energy and new economic models are being put forth. The author shows how humanity is claiming its rightful heritage as spiritual beings and charts the course of our elevation of consciousness. MASS AWAKENING gives us all real hope for an amazing future. Mass Awakening is Shoshi Herscu’s well researched and yet profoundly personal handling of intensely shocking material, rarely covered in print. It is both a true inspiration and a much- needed breath of fresh air. Ada Tourtsakis
The story of John Archer British Prisoner, Pirate, Pioneer, Pimp, and Patriot Follow Archer from escaping a debtor’s fate while being transported to the Caribbean for seven years. He escapes sure death in the cain fields by volunteering as a seaman serving on a British Man-o’-War. Treated brutally, John Archer deserts, vowing to get revenge. A pirate ship picks him up. Joining the pirates is his only alternative, cheating death once again. Archer moves up in the ranks as he accumulates power. His pirate band wreaks havoc on the Spaniards' and British flotillas, and plunders their women. Cornered and driven ashore in South Carolina he and his best friend escape into the treacherous interior. Together they begin a new journey finally trekking to New Orleans. There we follow them taking on a partnership in a brothel, and becoming caught up in the American Revolution. If you like high adventure, land and sea battles and tales of survival, revenge, redemption and a surprise ending, you're going to love this one!
You know that crusty gunfighter of Western fiction that we all know and love? The man who spent his life in the wild places living on his wits and his quick draw. A man who could track his quarry across solid rock and never lose the trail. Well, this ain't him. Quinton Polaski is a strange name for a Western hero but then Quint isn't your average hero. We meet him in his rough and woolly days backing down to no man. Living on the edge until he meets a girl. 20 years later he has become like most of us, settled down and married with two children. Then he's drawn back into the life he left behind so long ago. Hang on for the ride. This is a different kind of Western.
Percy For Sheriff
Book two in the adventures of a Cop with a smart mouth and a smarter K-9. When an Armored car robbery goes bad in DesMoines the two surviving crooks end up hold up in Dick Dzik's county. They think they have everyone outsmarted without realizing that every move they make in rural Iowa is giving them away. Conflict erupts between the DesMoines Police Chief and Dick but, impressed with the quick solution to the Armored Car robbery, the Mayor insists the Chief bring in Dick and Percy to investigate a case of Police corruption that they have not been able to solve. Two characters from book one including Dick's former girlfriend show up and causes tension between Dick and his new Girlfriend. Late one lonely night Dick and Percy crack the case and the race is on to see if Dick can get the evidence to the Attorney General before the bad cops find him
Heart of a Warrior
Heart of a Warrior is a rousing tale of a footloose Chicago delinquent that goes to war. His journey starts in Navel Aviation where after a rough start he finds friends, hookers, glory, love and tragedy. He is wounded and his injuries make flying impossible so he volunteers for a top secret program that finds him entering the submarine service at the height of WWII. Soon he learns what his mission and training were leading up to and embarks on a series of adventures that reunite him with old friends and make him a witness to history and a pioneer into the future. Heart of a Warrior takes the technology of the War efforts Manhattan Project and spins off a second group of scientists working on Nuclear Propulsion as the first group struggles to develop the Atomic Bomb. Based on actual History, the navy's original project for the first nuclear reaction under Stagg Field at the University of Chicago was the development of power for ships. The actual project was put on hold during the war to concentrate on development of the Bomb. Heart of a Warrior supposes that had equal resources been applied to the potential of powering warships history would have been advanced 15 years and the first nuclear submarines could have emerged in 1944 rather than 1959.
Fighting Poles
Based on the experiences of the authors father “Fighting Poles” is a fictionalized story of action, adventure and history. Austria welcomed the German army, The Czechs accepted the inevitable, but Poland was overrun and occupied but never stopped fighting. France and England betrayed their ally never launching the attack that was to draw off the Nazi Juggernaut. Russia attacked Poland from the east and crushed the conventional forces. America and England signed the Atlantic Charter but later allowed Russia to defy it at Poland's expense. The Poles formed a shadow government and an underground army and fought the Nazis every day of the Occupation. While the rest of Europe cowered under the Nazi boot Warsaw rose up and fought, not once but twice and was the city left a wasteland. The Poles sent an enigma machine to England and helped break the German code and 200,000 Poles fought under British command only to be betrayed again by the west and handed over to Russia at wars end. Despite a bloodthirsty occupation and the loss of Six Million of it's citizens to Nazi barbarity and Russian deportation, Poland continued to fight. This is the story of a small piece of that fight and two families involvement in it. One Polish family member and one American come together for a brief moment only to be swallowed in the politics of the time
Chicago Rhapsody
Set in the mid 70’s, there are no cell phones, desktop or laptop computers, just a few mainframes that are just beginning to replace written records. Most of the story takes place in Chicago, and our hero is a Chicago boy of Polish descent. His name is Richard Dzik. To help you along, the name is not pronounced in English like it is spelled. The closest I can come to describing the pronunciation is to tell you to pronounce it “G”, as the letter is pronounced, and “eek” as in seek. He’s a private detective at the start of the story, but life throws him a few curves and he ends up in the middle of something he never expected. Dick’s partner is a dog named Percy. As police dogs go, he is nothing like you would expect either. Together they make a daunting pair and manage to turn both sides of the law in Chicago against them. The street gangs want them dead and the cops won’t protect them. Between Dick’s smart mouth and Percy’s personality, I hope this one makes you smile.
Take Back the Memory
Paige Lyman, an accomplished psychiatrist, is on the verge of madness but she doesn’t know it yet. The madness begins when she gets it into her head to write her memoirs. As her brilliant mind assembles bits and pieces of her life for the book, ugly skeletons, long forgotten in the closet, rear their heads. It all begins with a simple act of love. And love, for her, is a blond-haired Irish boy named Bill, so when Bill abandons her for priesthood, the world around her collapses. Seized by a different passion—vengeance—she seeks her proverbial pound of flesh in the beds of various priests. But that’s before she meets Stern W, a medical researcher, who sweeps into her life like a hurricane and marries her. And they live happily after until he dies in a helicopter crash and she discovers the startling truth about who he really was. Now, Paige, transformed from psychiatrist to patient, is saddled with a damning memory she must decipher to be free. Take Back the Memory is the saga of her compelling backward journey through her own life on a psychotherapist’s couch.
The Conspiracy of Silence
The conscience of a town steeped in sexism, vanity, and hypocrisy is pricked by the brutal murder of a mysterious woman in a park in Los Angeles. But the shock is transformed into a steamy, seductive scandal when the body turns out to be that of Susan Whitaker, the flamboyant wife of the governor of California. Soon, a dazzlingly intricate shuffle of volatile links leads the police to the delicate theory of secret lover/blackmailer, and to the indictment of Benjamin Carlton, Hollywood’s most influential black celebrity. Then curious things begin to happen when Carlton’s ambitious girlfriend, Rita Spencer suddenly unearths the shocking secret that Susan Whitaker did not, in fact, exist. She little realizes however that her discovery of this colossal fraud is a mere curtain-raiser to a chilling world of ugly skeletons dating back to the assassination of a U.S. senator in a Washington hotel sauna, skeletons connected to riveting sex scandals in high places, skeletons the FBI and political king-makers will kill for... THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE
Flashes of Emotion
Flashes of Emotion, a book of romantic poetry, is both timely and timeless. A selection that allows us to tap into the poet's insights on a wide variety of topics from life and love to death and drudgery, this is contemporary poetry with a classical edge, highlighting a lively, refreshing, and innovative style - a "must-have" for anyone who has ever experienced love, pain, defeat, or joy...
Black Gold
A black man, a white girl, and a deceptive job offer. It begins with a dream and a simple act of love, but soon the unsuspecting couple finds themselves in the place where dreams end and nightmares begin. Can they survive the greed, the captivating allure of Black Gold, and that vile, ancient tradition that seeks to determine who should marry and to whom?
Splash Dance
Original Oil Painting
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Truths of The Noah@@@s FLOOD
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