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Joseph Barnaby - a romance set in Madeira
By standing up for his principles, horse farrier Joseph Barnaby lost everything. Now, when a personal vendetta goes too deep to fight, he escapes to the Portuguese island of Madeira where he finds work on a small farm only accessible by boat. The balmy climate and never-ending supply of exotic fruit, vegetables, and honey make it sound like paradise. But, for Joseph, it’s the ideal place to hide from the world. Not everyone is prepared to give up on life’s misfortunes. The local fishing village has its own surprises and the inhabitants of Quinta da Esperança have more grit in them than the pebbled beach that borders the property.
Mindfulness for Kids: A Complete Guide to Helping Children Learn to Listen to Their Bodies, Understand Their Emotions, and Manage Stress (Meditation, Mindfulness, Anxiety, Stress, ADHD)
In this book you'll discover how to share the LIFE-CHANGING power of mindfulness techniques with kids! Mindfulness has been well-established as an incredibly effective tool for managing stress, improving cognitive function, and enhancing the quality of one's inner life. The earlier one learns to practice mindfulness, the more impact it can have in one's life. But it isn't always easy to teach children how to do it properly. This book will show you EXACTLY how to get your child on the road to a healthier mind and a better life! The techniques in this ebook are designed to educate parents and empower children to understand and regulate their emotions, listen to their bodies, and develop a healthier mind!
Play kites in the field
Main ingredients : 3 slices Chicken head Salt 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper 1/4 fruit Lime Soy sauce Salty soy sauce Soy sauce 3 pieces of white Sawi 1 Tomato 5 cloves of garlic 6 pieces of green chili 6 pieces of red curly pink Butter Way : Cut the chicken head & wash it clean, fry is cooked Puree 3 garlic, pepper powder & salt, insert chicken head let + -10 minutes sink Cut 2 finely chopped garlic, chopped 3 red & green chillies, tomatoes, sauteed using butter, sweet soy sauce, salted & British taste correction & salt give Enter the chicken head, stir well, serve Serve with a white bean replacement of lettuce, tomatoes, &, chili, chicken input is cooked Done
I Am Good in My Heart: Helping Kids Understand Self-Worth
This book is designed to help preschool age children understand that they are always good in their hearts, even when they make mistakes or do the wrong thing. It helps them understand that they can make a better choice the next time. In the end, when they remember that they are good and act in a way that reflects that, they are happier and so is everyone else!
The 7 Fruits of Budgeting
The 7 Fruits of Budgeting goes beyond the basics of managing money by exploring the psychological reasons that cause us to overspend. Inspired by the Biblical term the "fruit of the spirit” which sums up attributes required to live a spiritually fulfilled life, Roslyn Lash teaches us how to handle money and overcome financial barriers while living a fruitful life. She combines real-life situations with suggestions and inspiration to alleviate stress. This book will help you to: * Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck * Save for your future * Reduce your debt * Understand your money motives
Playing To Distraction
The first of my efforts into publishing. I've got other books at as well. Enjoy!
River Escape
Action, mystery novel. First published in 2018. A sequel, but complete novel which follows the career of Mike Peter's from novel Atlantic Hijack. Author's sea life experience gives authenticity to this novel. A military crises sees Mike's ship under attack in Venezuela. An influential young woman boards and starts calling the shots. Crew identity from a yacht rescue threaten the ship still further.
River Escape
Action, mystery novel. First published in 2018. A sequel, but complete novel which follows the career of Mike Peter's from novel Atlantic Hijack. Author's sea life experience gives authenticity to this novel. A military crises sees Mike's ship under attack in Venezuela. An influential young woman boards and starts calling the shots. Crew identity from a yacht rescue threaten the ship still further.
House Terrace
How To Get Your Baby To Sleep So You Can Too (Sleep Strategies, Sleep Solutions, Sleep Problems, Happy Parents, Training)
Newborns can drive most sane parents a little bonkers due to the demands they put on their parents. For most first-time parents especially, babies can be overwhelming to say the least. Most parents become paranoid; feeling they need to keep an eye on their baby day and night just in case they might need them or have problems while sleeping. And based on the ‘sleep like a baby’ cliché, parents begin to wonder whether their little bundles of joy are ok when they start to make all sorts of strange noises in their sleep. All of this coupled with waking us up regularly for feedings, for diaper changes and let’s not forget the hours spent every night trying to put them back to sleep, leaves parents super exhausted day and night. This very stressful and hectic process may result in no sleep and a lack of energy. Unfortunately, if you don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to bad health and moodiness because without the necessary hours of sleep to be productive, the next day becomes even more difficult and staying in good health becomes almost impossible. Are you not getting enough sleep because your baby is crying or waking you up all night? If so, you will find the answer to your prayers in this book. As a loving parent with a baby who is not sleeping well, there are certainly going to be many questions on your mind including: • Why is my baby not sleeping? • How long should my baby be sleeping? • Am I expected to do something about it or get used to my baby’s desired sleeping schedule? • What can I do to avoid going crazy from sleep deprivation? • How do I get my baby to sleep more at night without exposing them to any health risks? This book has the answers to all of the questions you may have and more. In this book, you will find the best methods to get your baby to sleep without losing any of your own. You will also learn how to develop a safe and healthy sleeping routine for your baby and the time that it is safe to do so, allowing you and your baby to get into good sleeping habits that will boost the mood and health of the both of you. Ultimately, this will help you enjoy your new life as a parent, rather than dread it because you are sleep deprived.
Beauty for Ashes by LaWanda Y. Peters
A true story of live events from the palace to the pit climbing out of the pit back to the palace. Every event that occurred in her life appeared to be her final destination such as: being homeless, rejected, suicidal, severe domestic abuse, low self-esteem, depression, drugs, alcohol, pregnant at 16 and two failed marriages among many others things. Little did she know that every event in her life was ordained by God and contributed to her "palace" destination.
The Foreign Me!
A work like The Foreign Me! is a well written poetry book —which is the outcome of my long spiritual journey of learning to know myself and the knowledge of my past although apparently authored by one person, only comes into being and to fruition with the assistance and support of many others. It is with great joy, therefore, that I embrace this opportunity to recognize, acknowledge, and thank the many individuals who have, in one way or another, walked with, or assisted, me along the three-year spiritual journey that was the making of The Foreign Me!
Everybody, young and old, loves critically acclaimed and internationally award winning author, Aaron Braxton's, Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings! "The ending was so unexpected and real," says Jessica, "I cried like a baby! It was both sad and awesome. I am Jesse!" A heartwarming, humorous and deeply moving coming-of-age story of Jesse, an awkward 5th grade loner, who experiences love, loss, friendship and heartache, while using the shape shifting changes of caterpillars - from crawling earthbound creatures, to graceful winged beauties - as lessons for life, building self-esteem and discovering his own true greatness. "The book is so pure," says Hollywood Writer/Dir., Tim Chey, "I read it in ONE sitting and absolutely LOVED IT!" Bold, insightful, meaningful, and raw, Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings, explores the thoughts in our heads and the things we think about when talking to ourselves. Jesse is a hero for all ages. One who proves, "When there's greatness inside, who says you can't fly!" Discover your greatness. Read, Jesse and the Caterpillar Who Got Its Wings. *Academic Language and Common Core Standards infused.
Book--a society built on a lie
Desert: Inside the Wall, a YA dystopian novel is available at all major online Retailers. Questions can be dangerous. . . Seventeen-year-old Alysse's senior year was stressful enough with exams, a harpy teacher, and a long time crush falling for her best friend Tori. Then she starts questioning what she's taught about the enemy living right outside the city walls. Alysse soon finds herself dealing with guerillas, a seismic bomb, and a genocidal plot that could spark a war. Alysse must decide who to trust as she and her friend Pete ask questions everyone else avoids. Probably because everyone else is afraid of the answers. And they should be...
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The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh
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