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Wolf Moon
The group called Wolf have been enlisted into the Erian Army against their will, and they soon learn that an invasion is planned into their homeland of Grosmer. As the heroes make their escape, they accidentally stumble upon an old Dwarven city, and become friends with them. Facing enemies on all sides, the five must find where their loyalties lie, and save their homeland from certain destruction.
Forever Turn The Midnight Carousel
The Last Turn of the Midnight Carousel is the fourth book by author and poet former performer of the Poetry Project, Matthew Abuelo. This collection of poetry and short fiction starts off by focusing on disappearing New York which gave birth to the idea of the city of misfits when it was still dirty and not so family friendly. The people and places which made New York City what it was, was a common theme in his past works especially in his works known as The News Factory but unlike the author’s past work, several poems and short pieces of fiction in The Turn of the Midnight Carousel focuses on loved ones who succumbed to illnesses, both mental disorders and cancer. In one story Matthew Abuelo created a fictional account of a friend’s stay at a non-descript mental ward which had more of the feel of a suffocating haunted house than a hospital environment. The patients who reside in the ward move along like the spirits of what the author referred to as the forgotten and don’t seem to have a connection to any particular time or place but seem rather more like fish in a bowl with no destination. In several of his poems, Mr. Abuelo laments for the treatment of some of his former neighbors who still reside at one of the last SROs in New York City. His aim in these pieces is to capture their humanity in its purist form. He makes no apologies for depicting these veterans on the Upper Side as saints of sorts who represent, not God but their own brilliance or self-destruction. He also pays ode to one of these characters, a former dog walker who passed away but still seems to maintain presence in the neighborhood. Other pieces in this collection make mention of lost places including CBGBs and restaurants which he forgot the actual location of but still has the memory of spending time there many a night. At the heart of the demise of both the places and people he writes about are the greedy New York City landlords who, with the aim to keep their financial coffers full, raise their rents to the point of putting out iconic landmarks. When it comes to the tenants, these building owners doesn’t seem to have a of bringing in thugs for hire who make life unbearable with threats of assault or other forms for harm. Other methods of clearing out these buildings, Mr. Abuelo writes about some of the endless trials in eviction cases where the judges become little more than filing clerks for the landlords.
You Can't Ruin My Day
You Can’t Ruin My Day features fifty-two inspiring wake-up calls and follow-up ideas to show readers how to take back their power and not let anyone or anything ruin their day.
Brilliant new book/ebook - The Loneliest Robot
"A new and brilliant modern-day fable for Children and Teens - full of wonderful life lessons – especially for those consumed by technology and social media." An incredible robot develops real emotions. A lonely boy becomes robotic. Both lost in life, they learn what it really means to feel Human. At last, a moving tale of self-discovery for the fast-moving modern age that reminds us all to feel HUMAN! A lonely boy discovers an incredible Robot in his garden shed. A silent and highly gifted girl chooses to be alone in her attic bedroom. The richest man in the world mysteriously disappears...It all waits to be discovered in THE LONELIEST ROBOT, the inspirational new novel for the modern age featuring beautiful illustrations from acclaimed robot artist, Matt Dixon. An imaginative and moving new book for middle grade and teens (9-15) and anyone with a human heart. A thought-provoking dark comedy - this uplifting tale is told with warmth and humour, making it highly digestible for young and curious minds. Join the thousands of new readers and feel like a happy human again! Discover The Loneliest Robot. Discover Yourself!
Goddess of the Rainbow by Patrick Brigham
My latest novel, Goddess of The Rainbow, is a very Greek story involving the rain, and how flooding changes us, moves the finger of fate, and causes us to reflect on our lives. A series of short stories, they all happen in the Greek town of Orestiada. Stories which simultaneously interlink and become a part of the whole, center around Iris – the local DHL courier – who in Greek mythology is not only Goddess of The Rainbow, but also the Messenger of The Gods, thereby connecting the individual tales of this sixteen chapter book.
Sindy in Real Life
I'm proud that Real Life Press is the publisher of Sindy in Real Life It is a true story written honestly but anonymously by a woman of 50 who recounts her life, including her sex life, from being a waste of space at 16 to becoming a campaigner for Respect. It will cause tears of laughter and sorrow as she recalls the ways in which she had to earn money to give her three kids a solid start in life. She worked as a no-win no-fee paralegal and later simultaneously as a full-sex escort.
The Devil Between Us
In 1853, Jessica Pratt is only ten when her innocence is violently ripped away, revealing to her the cruelness of the real world. She flees, escaping the harrowing scene, finding herself lost and alone in the untamed Northern California wilderness. Fighting for survival in the unforgiving territory, each step puts her closer to peril, and further away from everything she has ever known. Jessica is drawn into the sacred world of a mentor who becomes her family—the mountain her home. But the nature of life is change, and happy endings don’t last forever. When she loses everything again, she ventures off the mountain for the first time in years. Jessica becomes Jesse in an attempt to protect herself in ways she couldn’t as a child. Soon, she finds herself at the mercy of emotions beyond her control in a world suddenly off kilter. Will Jesse maintain her new persona for her own protection, or will she let down her guard and confess her true identity to an unlikely new love? In the end, it is fate that will decide.
The Battle for Joshua
A child with a destiny A battle between Hades and Heaven An innocent child kidnapped Thomas and Emily Proctor, a young couple pregnant with a child that was conceived with a destiny. When those in charge of Hades find out about their fate, they seek to destroy the child even while he is still inside his mother’s womb. Gabriel learns of his destiny and seeks to protect him until his destiny can be fulfilled. After he is born, Demons still try to destroy him and after several failed attempts, Lilith is sent to kidnap him. Gabriel hears of his kidnapping and orders those in charge of Hades to return him to his parents. With no cooperation, a small battle ensues for his return. When he reaches the age of his destiny, Joshua and Gabriel go to war with Hades.
Mermaids, Mantas and Bug-Eyed Monsters
Fox is back — a little older, a little wiser, but still out of his depth. The son of the Confederation’s foremost upholsterers and shipfitters, and a former colleague, is being held for ransom. The family has already paid once and Norvin hasn’t been released, the government won’t do anything, and Norvin’s daughter is on the warpath! Using her family’s extensive funds, she has bought the meanest, deadliest ship she can find and needs a pilot to pursue the kidnappers and retrieve her father. Can it really be that straightforward? Of course not.
Angels, Demons and Little Green Men
Meet Bob Fox, unemployed thirty-something, ordinary guy….. and an alien. He didn’t know that of course, until he answered that ad and attended the interview. The job turns out to involve travel: interstellar travel, with a lot of bizarre experiences. It all seems great at first, it even begins to make some kind of sense, and he seems to have acquired some cool new abilities, and some really good, if a bit weird, new friends. But all is not as cosy and safe as it seems…… He has to fight for his very survival in a universe where everything and everybody suddenly seems to be out to get him.
Fun with Chess
This is a beginner’s learning and training guide bundled with mini games, activities, quiz and crosswords along with their solutions.The book is available at amazon worldwide.
My Positive Face Of Disfigurement
This is a Human story of Courage... David was born with a very rare medical condition known as a Vascular Anomaly causing a severe disfigurement to the right side of his head, face, eye and mouth. As a child growing up and right through to his teenage years and even beyond, he had to cope with the rudeness of people who were constantly staring, of verbal abuse and worst of all, intimidation. Life was hard for him and he felt lost and lonely. Several attempts at chatting up girls ended by him giving up all hope of ever meeting someone special, someone who would care for him and to treat him as a normal human being, but then just by fate he happened to go to a party... With the love of his dear wife, family, friends and an amazing charity called "Changing Faces", he began to gain self-confidence. His positive thinking has opened up a whole new world enabling him to give talks to groups of people about his experiences, this in turn has helped others to overcome their fears of coping with their facial and body differences. David's self-esteem has sky rocketed so much that it has changed his way of thinking to that of a very philosophical person. This is a true description, a story of verbal abuse, sadness, love and happiness, it's also an account telling of a life that was once never imagined! This book will help YOU change your own outlook on disfigurement, to make you and your loved ones' lives better, and also of how ordinary every day people should react to people like himself. Read David's inspiring story and learn what it was really like to be a disfigured person in an age where people expect perfection, where disfigurement of any kind is frowned upon.
Bride of a Hustla Series (1-3)
Trapped in a living hell, SASHA dreams of being rescued by a rich, handsome man who’ll whisk her away from her daily nightmare. Honestly, she never believed that dream would come true because not much of anything good has ever come her way. But then, along comes QUAMAE, an irresistible drug dealer who has the game on lock. Sasha can’t believe her good fortunes when Quamae falls head over heels in love with her and wants to make her his bride. Sasha is swept off of her feet by Quamae’s intoxicating addiction to her and soon their love is an inferno. But Sasha is keeping secrets that will ultimately force her to commit the ultimate betrayal. When circumstances test the strength of their vows, will Quamae’s love prove to be unconditional or will the truth destroy their bond and cause him to punish her in a way that he usually reserves for his enemies in the streets? With so much hanging in the balance, Sasha will learn that being the BRIDE OF A HUSTLER can bring joy and pain.
The Fetti Girls Book Series (1-3)
BLACQUE BARBEE is every hustler's desire. Her beauty is captivating and her body is to die for. Most men want to sex her, many want to wife her. But it's not about what they want, Blacque Barbee plays by her own rules. Robbing dope boys and living lavish is the only thing that fascinates her and her girls, CHYNA, MERCEDES and NEHIYA. The women will go to all limits to set men up and leave them face down with empty safes. It's all about the money with THE FETTI GIRLS. While planning the biggest lick of them all, Black Barbee meets RICH, a boss hustler who penetrates her scandalous heart. All Rich wants to do is love her and provide her with anything and everything her heart desires. Little does Rich know, he's being played by the most treacherous female in the city. Will Rich become another victim of Black Barbee and her crew? Or will his intoxicating swag and powerful love break through and force Black Barbee to abandon her plan to have him laid down and robbed for his whole stash? When well-laid plans unravel, blood and tears will be shed and sisterly bonds could be broken forever, as the most conniving woman to ever rock a skirt must decide if her love for the fetti outweighs the love that's blossoming in her heart.
Strange Montreal Romance in Echo from Mount Royal
Montreal, 1951. Rebecca Wiseman, 18, a bright college student, lives with her working-class parents. At a local dance, she meets a handsome young man, the son of a wealthy businessman. When Sol introduces Rebecca to a world of upper-class wealth and privilege, Rebecca falls head over heels in love and believes her life is perfect. But despite Sol’s outward charm, he lacks self-confidence and is mistrustful. He reveals the simmering conflicts in his family and his fears that his brother plans to drive him out of the family business. Rebecca, headstrong but naïve; wants to protect Sol and help him to stand up to the pressure from his family. During their engagement, a shocking family secret of child abuse comes to the surface. Rebecca tries to convince Sol that her love and support is all he needs. When class, sexual secrets and family conflict test their love, she struggles to control events. And then, a late-night telephone call changes her life forever. ebook:
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Clear Glass (The Vision Chronicles, Book 8)
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