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Title : Nothing changed, but ran... 26% approval rating mystery
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"It seems like we're out of the 'Ekaryotes' box anyway." When the realmeter survey showed 26.4 percent of the party's approval rating, a member of the Liberty Korea Party said this. Park Geun-hye seemed impregnable about ‘25 % approval rating’ mark since the impeachment of former president were infused with a sense of relief. “A few days ago, Moon Jae-in president's approval rating had gone down, reflecting that she did not see effect, rebounding slowly and take the floor now.” he said. Politicians are paying attention to the fact that the approval rating of the Korean party exceeded 25 percent in two years. However, many observers say that external factors played a bigger role than that of the Korean party. 1 Economic Crisis-The main reason for the rising approval rating of the Korean party is the deterioration of the economy. In other words, the ruling camp's economic mismanagement is bringing the conservatives back together. Two months ago, the Korean party and the Korean party have not changed. "There is no leader to come to mind, but since the economic situation is deteriorating day by day, the presidential office seems to be concentrating on North Korea issues, so the public has no choice but to actively seek an alternative." However, Professor Eum said, "If the party receives a positive reflection effect since the economy is at its worst since the IMF economic crisis, its approval rating should be in its late 30s. This means that the public still does not believe the party as an alternative party." ▽The internal feud of the ruling party = The fact that the ruling party has been mired in self-indulgence recently was also cited as a major factor. Although Cheong Wa Dae and the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea are suffering from the controversy over Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung and senior presidential secretary for civil affairs, the Korean party has relatively decreased its risk issue, said Lee Joon-han, a political science professor at Incheon University. Such as former Democratic Party “The opposition in common parlance ‘not only an own goal in approval rating rises.’ is words.” and a lawmaker with the " Hong Joon-pyo your p's and q's projections did figure.A stage that is absent from Korea For, not a bad situation. '' "The most important thing is not to make mistakes," he added. "It was difficult to express support for the Korean party until a few days ago, but after the emergency committee system Kim Byung-joon was in charge of the situation, he was managed so that he did not think that he would be ashamed," said Professor Lee. ③ Park Geun-hye issue weakness : weakening of the world issue in Korea before the president as one of the momentum. A little bit at the impact of Korea official, " Korea is now ‘the impeachment’ and “In the market now don't have a ‘Park Geun-hye’ about the great interest as much as I used to be weak.”.Did you see being picked up, said. The recent decision by Rep. Kim Moo-sung and other lawmakers to push for a resolution against the former president without detention reflects this atmosphere. 스포츠토토 ‘Park Geun-hye’ " Korea democrats have made a mistake the situation again the constant teaching ijunhan as an election or if the convention floor leader approval rating is down again.And you can, of this year.
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