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Title : "Unlicensed run-away vehicles in pursuit of" ...two police officers injured
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An unlicensed driver who was running away in defiance of a police check was arrested after a chase. The Bucheon Won U.S. police station in Gyeonggi Province announced on Thursday that it was investigating the man on charges of driving without a license and obstructing him. According to the police, the man was accused of driving unlicensed in a neighborhood near Bupyeong-gu, Incheon at 10:30 p.m. the previous day and refused to be inspected by a police officer affiliated with the Samsan Police Station in Incheon and ran away. The first part of the patrol car in pursuit of the incident was severely damaged and two policemen were also injured. After a 3.5km chase, he was caught by the police after a car accident at Sangdong Station in Bucheon. 스포츠토토 "While searching for the number of his vehicle, I signaled that I was suspected of driving without a license, but I ran away," said a police official. The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the case against Mr. A.
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