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Title : Personnel verification failed 8 times, staff derailment continuously... He still surrounded his country.
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Moon Jae-in, president of the special office for civil affairs, gamchalban chief instructed to come up with ways to revamp his country with regard to allegations be all things actually reveal the meaning of confidence.Interpreted. Even though the opposition party is demanding his resignation in unison, the party has made a decisive move to keep Cho in office. It seems that the political judgment that if the party loses its leadership in the third year of the administration, it could lose its leadership. However, there are concerns that if additional suspicions are revealed by the special inspector group or if Cho's response is found to have been problematic, not only Cho but also Moon's leadership could be dealt a blow. Cho has been criticized by the opposition parties for failing to verify personnel appointments and slackening discipline in the presidential office. Since Ahn Kyung-hwan was nominated as justice minister in June last year, the number of vice-ministerial officials who have failed to reach the upper level has reached eight. The appointment of eight minister-level officials, including Minister of Environment Cho Myung-rae, without the adoption of the parliamentary confirmation hearing report, was also related to poor verification. Controversy has continued over whether Cheong Wa Dae properly applied the seven criteria for verifying public officials. Also, the establishment of a new investigation office for corruption of high-ranking government officials led by Cho is not sustainable. Whenever Cho was raised for responsibility, Cheong Wa Dae responded by saying, "The opposition party's political offensive" and "new issues that were not on the list of prosecutors" arose." However, some in the ruling camp said Cho should be held responsible for the incident as the issue of the special inspector team was raised following a drunk driving by a staff member of the Presidential Security Service and presidential protocol secretary Kim Jong-cheon. The decision to retain Cho was reportedly made shortly after Mr. Moon was briefed on the issue of the special inspector group during his overseas tour of the G20 summit. President Moon judged that Cho's fault was not in the process of dealing with the special inspector group. "I know a lot of things are waiting for me in the country," Mr. Moon said on Facebook. "Please believe it," Cheong Wa Dae officials said. "It is not Cho's replacement, but the presidential office's complementary measures, such as strengthening the discipline management system. President Moon's failure to answer questions about domestic issues at a meeting with reporters on the plane also has to do with Cho's decision to retain his position. "If the president answers Cho's response, diplomatic achievements such as the Korea-U.S. summit will be buried," a Cheong Wa Dae official said. President Moon's personal confidence in Cho also affected the decision. Cho wrote a book called 'Progressive Action Plan' in 2010 when he was a university professor and sent it to Mr. Moon. A few days later, Mr. Moon sent a letter reading the book and pointing out misprints and statistical errors. Mr. Moon gave Cho a "SOS" in 2015 when he formed an innovation committee to settle the internal feud between the party and the opposition party. "President Moon seems to have already taken Cho, who helped him when he was in need, as the senior presidential secretary for civil affairs," a source from the ruling camp. President Moon is still reportedly calling Cho if he has any questions not only on holidays but early in the morning. Roh Moo-hyun government of former senior presidential secretary for civil affairs For the president the door early replacement is known to the fact that, lead to the brink of power. The president invited former senior presidential secretary for civil affairs, but Roh Moo-hyun government to step down in a year. Since then, Roh's approval rating has plummeted and has not recovered until his retirement. Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye, the invitation of the government to step down 안전한토토사이트in five months, four months, respectively, are senior in comparison with Joe Senior is now living longer than seven months a year. Cho is deeply involved in reshuffling the authority of the National Intelligence Service, the prosecution and the police as well as reforming the judiciary. It is known that President Moon will not replace Cho even if he reorganizes the presidential office next year. However, some observers say that Cho's stay could be a burden to the regime in the long run. Kim Byung-joon, head of the emergency committee of the Liberty Korea Party, said on the day, "Should Cho be able to tighten discipline?" "The president has to make a decision," he said. "The mistakes are too great, from confirmation of personnel to corruption of employees." A source from the ruling party also said, "If additional members of the special investigation team are revealed or suspected of covering up, this could lead to a crisis at the government level."
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