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Title : Sleeping savings, insurance, points... If you wake me up, I'll give you a year-end bonus.A revival of cardiothoracic surgery? from a medical student [solo].
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The chest surgeon, which medical students neglected, is showing signs of revival. Although it was ranked as the number one in Gihafi`s category due to the poor working environment of more than 100 hours per week, and its difficulty in opening, next year`s college major surpassed the 70 percent level for the first time in 14 years as working conditions improved. According to the Korea Chest of Korea on Wednesday, 32 people applied for 44 doctors of chest surgery hospitals next year and recorded 72.7 percent. Considering the fact that three people applied for the "elastic garden" that receives applicants outside of the garden, the rate of application for chest surgery this year is up to 79.5 percent. Since 2005, the ratio of chest surgery assistance has never exceeded 70 percent. In 2009, the support rate plummeted to 29.0 percent. Afterwards it showed a slight rebound thanks to government support, but it always maintained 40 to 60 percent. However, the situation changed this year. Even compared to last year's support rate of 57.4 percent, this is a huge increase. Many local hospitals, including Seoul National University Hospital and Asan Medical Center, as well as large-scale hospitals in the Seoul metropolitan area, including Ulsan University Hospital, Gyeongsang National University Hospital, and Chonnam National University Hospital, have filled their gardens. Paradoxically, the long-term shortage of thoracic surgeons has had a significant impact on the number of applicants for thoracic surgery. It is not easy to open a hospital since chest surgery is centered on high-altitude surgery such as heart surgery and lung transplantation. Most of the jobs are concentrated in large hospitals, but the number of applicants for majors has declined sharply since the 1990s, which has led to a serious shortage of specialists. This year, 210 people are expected to fall short and 405 are expected to fall short by 2022. "Normally, medical students look to professors and support chest surgery, which means that most of the positions will be guaranteed from now on," said Oh Tae-yoon, president of the chest external science association.스포츠토토 The 'special law of major' that was prepared to improve treatment of majors in 2016 also had positive effects. The law limits the working hours of majors to 80 hours per week and prohibits them from being employed consecutively. His major in chest surgery, in which he works long hours, is also benefiting. Government support is also increasing. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has raised the cost of health insurance for high-risk surgery every year, and has paid 60 billion won annually to medical institutions in addition to an additional sum of chest surgeries. "Although the number of high-risk surgeries is lower than that of Japan and the U.S., the gap is still decreasing every year," Oh said. "But we need to strengthen management and supervision since some large hospitals are using the aid money that some hospitals have given to foster chest surgeons for other purposes."
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