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Title : From raising suspicions on the blacklist to rejecting Park Byung-dae and the late warrant
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▲ February 20 = Attorney Lee Tan-hee, who was appointed as the second judge of the Office for Planning and Coordination of the Court Administration in his regular personnel reshuffle in 2017, is hereby sent back to the court. ▲ March 5 = Suspicions that Lee's order of administration reversed after checking and protesting the conference of the International Commission on Human Rights Research, which the Court Administration is critical of Chief Justice Yang Seung-tae ▲ March 13 = To request the Supreme Court chief justice Yang Seung-tae and former Supreme Court justice Lee In-bok (Professor of Judicial Research and Training Institute) ▲ 17 March = Deputy Chief of Administration Lim Jong-hun's resignation ▲ 07 April = The Supreme Court's report on the alleged creation and management of a so-called 'blacklist' that identifies the plastic surgery and trends of judges. ▲ April 18 = The fact-finding committee and Lee Kyu-jin, standing committee member of the Supreme Court's Amenity Commission, unfairly restrained the conference of the International Commission on Human Rights Law, but concluded that the blacklist suspicion was groundless ▲ May 15 = Seoul Central District Court's ruling committee, Supreme Court Chief Justice Yang Seung-tae, asked for an additional investigation into the PC of the administrative department and a meeting of the National Court of Justice. ▲ June 19 = Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office distributed to Criminal Department 1 the case of the alleged blacklist of civic groups ▲ July 24 = Supreme Court Chief Justice Yang Seung-tae requested further investigation into the blacklist of the judiciary branch at the second meeting of the National Judiciary Committee. ▲ = Moon Jae-in, August 21, president, the new Supreme Court for the gimmyeongsu the Chuncheon District Court nomination. ▲ November 13 = Supreme Court Chief Justice Kim Myung-soo, appointing Min Jung-ki as the chairman of the committee for further investigation into the Blacklist scandal. ▲ 22 January = Additional Investigation Committee Judge Announcement of investigation results such as finding document on trend. ▲ Jan. 24 = Public Criminal Investigation Department for complaints including Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors' Office, Supreme Court Chief Justice Yang Seung-tae, Supreme Court Justice Koh Young-han (former Chief Justice of Justice Administration), and former deputy chief executive Lim Jong-heon ▲ Feb. 12 = Supreme Court, formation of a special investigation team on the suspicion of abuse of judicial power ▲ April 11 = 406 files of the blacklist suspected of blacklist and the discovery of documents of the court administration at the second meeting of the special investigation team ▲ May 25 = Special investigation team, judge's inspection documents were found, but no blacklist document was found that disadvantageous in personnel management. ▲ May 31 = Chief Justice Kim Myung-soo, Apologizing to the Nation ▲June 1 = Former Chief Justice Yang Seung-tae held a press conference in front of his house and denied allegations of court sale or judicial inspection ▲ June 5 = 182 documents of the Court Administration and the Administrative Department of the Administrative Service for alleged abuse of judicial authority were released ▲June 15 = Chief Justice Kim Myung-soo, promising to actively cooperate with the prosecution's investigation instead of filing a complaint against a judge related to the case. ▲ June 18 = The prosecution and the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors' Office were re-established as the first Special Investigation Department of the Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors' Office. ▲June 21 = Investigation of the plaintiffs who are the head of the Judicial Watch Center of the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy ▲ June 26 = The court informed the prosecution of the fact that Yang Seung-tae, the former chief justice of the Supreme Court, is 'dimming' PC hard disk (physical deletion of magnetic field data). ▲June 29 = Investigation on the situation of pressure on the administration by summoning a reference to the prosecution and the former chairman of the Korean Bar Association. ▲ July 6 = Court Administration Department, Department of Court 토토사이트추천Administration, Department of Justice, PC Hard Disk Submitted to prosecutors ▲ 7th July = Court Administration Department, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Koh Young-han, refusing to submit hard disk ▲ July 12 = Investigation of Rep. Lee Jae-jung of the main opposition Minjoo Party (lawyer) regarding the prosecution's alleged disciplinary action against a judge who admitted damages from emergency measures. ▲July 16 = Investigation of lawyer Lee Jae-hwa of Minbyun regarding the prosecution and the public affairs office's alleged pressure on the Democratic Society ▲ July 21 = A search and seizure at the house of the prosecution and former deputy director of the administration, Lim Jong-hun. Rejects arrest warrants for former Supreme Court Chief Justice Yang Seung-tae and former Supreme Court Justice Park Byung-dae ▲ July 25 = Resurrection of a warrant to search and retrieve homes and offices, including former Supreme Court Chief Justice Yang Seung-tae, former Supreme Court Justice Park Byung-dae, and former standing committee member Lee Kyu-jin ▲ 27th July = Reject the search warrant, such as the court, the ethics audit office of the court administration office, and the personnel review office. ▲ July 31 = Court Administration, 196 additional administrative documents on the suspicion of abuse of judicial power The Supreme Court and the Prosecutor's Office refuse to access and copy the court records of the Busan Legal Corruption case
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