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Title : Angry. Family murder squabble.a brother-in-law who killed his brother-in-law, a wife who murdered his husband.
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A series of tragic incidents in which the fight started in a family quarrel ended in murder are showing a bitter side of the harsh Korean society. The wife, who killed her brother-in-law who had murdered him for engaging in an argument with her brother-in-law, was commuted in the second trial for stabbing her husband to death for being rude to his father-in-law. The Yeoju Police Station in Gyeonggi Province said Monday that it arrested a 54-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing his prisoner to death with a knife and is investigating him. Lim is suspected of stabbing his neck with a knife to death when his brother-in-law, identified only by his family name Hyung-soo, stepped in on his side at her home in Gangcheon-myeon, Yeoju at 8:30 p.m. on May 5. According to Yonhap News Agency, Lim was drunk and had an argument with his brother. Police plan to summon Lim for an arrest warrant after investigating the exact circumstances of the case. A wife killed her husband in a fit of anger, saying, "You behave rudely to your father-in-law." The Criminal Department 2 of the Seoul High Court (chief judge Cha Moon-ho) sentenced Ahn (37) to three years in 바카라사이트prison after breaking the original verdict of five years in prison when he was put on trial on charges of injury and death. Ahn is suspected of stabbing his husband to death in November last year when he had an argument with his father. The lower court sentenced Ahn to five years in prison, saying the crime was serious and irreversible. However, the appellate court admitted that Ahn was responsible for the death of his husband, but judged that he did not intend to kill his husband in the first place, but wielded his sword in a fit of rage. "We considered the defendant's reflection and her mother-in-law's forgiveness," the police said.
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