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Title : the ancient castle where Queen Victoria stayed "I haven't seen a more beautiful place."
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It's time to wrap up the year already. I am excited by the year-end party and the expectation for Christmas. There is a hotel that comes to mind at the end of the year. It is the "Inverochy Castle" in Scotland. A fireplace with firewood and a chandelier that was lit with candles are like a castle in a fairy tale. It is a perfect romantic accommodation for a warm year-end holiday.  The history of Inveroki Castle should be traced back to the 13th century. Inveroki Castle is a 13th century castle built in Fort William, 220 kilometers northwest of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Inver means the mouth of a river and Loch means the lake. Wearing a wide lake, Inveroki Castle has the tallest mountain in the U.K. (Ben Nevis, 1343m). It is a castle that has been completely devoid of beauty.  Although안전놀이터 Inveroki Castle became a ruins after many years, it was revived in the 19th century. It was by Baron William Scarlett, a British aristocrat. Baron built a medieval Gothic castle about 3 kilometers from Inveroki Castle in 1863. Then, the new castle named Inveroki Castle after the original name. In 1944, Canadian businessman Joseph Hobbs took over the castle of Baron Scarlett, and the son of Hobbs changed the castle to a hotel in 1969.  The castle built by Baron Scarlett was technically an ancient castle in the 13th century. Like the original Inveroki Castle, Baron's castle is not only majestic, but also full of nature. "I have never seen a more beautiful and romantic place than here," said Queen Victoria (1819-1901), who visited Inveroki Castle in 1873.  If you visit the Inveroki Castle Hotel, you can empathize with the Queen. The two-kilometer-long hotel site is so spacious that it is awkward to call it a garden. The mountain was placed behind the lake. These days, visitors can enjoy the early morning mist of the water and sometimes see the scenery covered with snow in the middle of winter.  When I enter the hotel, I feel as if I'm on a time machine. A large window was draped around a wooden frame, and the interior was filled with Antique furniture and velvet chairs. Christmas doubles the luxury of a high-profile hotel. The choir performs carols and local residents perform concerts. You can enjoy a special dinner with people staying at a hotel for Christmas. It features a romantic night like a 19th century British aristocrat. It is a dream scene that comes to think once at the end of the year.  There are many things to enjoy even if it is not. Whiskey maniacs will likely fill up the meaning of their visit to this place with just the tasting of whiskey. This is because you can taste various whiskey produced in Scotland at a hotel bar or restaurant. Not only is it equipped with Scottish whisky lagavulin and laphroaig, but it is also equipped with whiskey that is produced in small quantities like local makgeolli.  Albert and Michelle Loux, the main restaurant, is also a good place to visit. It is a French restaurant run by a father and son of a famous chef named Roux who has Michelin Star Restaurant throughout the U.K. It is said to have grafted the traditional British food. Perhaps the best combination is the general assessment of British food, which is not very positive. The restaurant consists of three private rooms with the entrance hidden behind them. Identifying the location of the restaurant is a pleasure in itself.  The northern part of Scotland, which starts in Port Williams, is called Highland. It is also attractive to stay in Inveroki Castle and enjoy a trip to Ireland. Hayland is a land where lakes are repeated in valleys and canyons carved as glaciers rolled down the valley. The Great Glen Way runs 117 kilometers from Port William to Inverness, a small town northeast of Scotland. If you follow the canyon, you can also see Glenco, the filming site of the movie "Brave Heart," and Loch Ness, which is where you can see the monster "Nessy."  You can also ride the old steam locomotive at Port William. It is Jacobite, a steam engine of West Highland Railway, which opened in 1894. The 68-kilometer-long steam engine runs across Glenfinnan, the world's best cloud bridge. The scene also appeared in the movie 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.'
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