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Title : where good luck and bad luck are covered by snow and ice... be tempted by the will
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Racing (1909-1912) by Roald Amundsen (Norway) and Colonel Robert Scott (British Navy) for conquest of the South Pole. It was dramatic enough to wonder if there would be more competition than last century. It was Amundsen who pulled the trigger. But the first goal was the North Pole. The reason why he changed his goal is because he flew the plane before starting the engine. It was the announcement of Robert Peary's conquest of the North Pole. On August 9, 1910, Amundsen's Pram set sail. The destination is the North Pole. The ship was a gift from Friedshoff Nansen, a Norwegian explorer who tried to cross the North Pole. However, the expedition did not know when to sail. It was announced on September 6 in the Madeira Islands (Portugal, 1,000 kilometers west of the country). Amundsen turned the ship's head against the shock of the expedition. At that time, Colonel Scott was also on a cruise to the South Pole in Teranova. in complete ignorance of the presence of competitors Then why did Amundsen write such a deceitful book? It was to gain the upper hand. When the competition was known, British Scott's support increased and Norway's home country was able to stop supporting itself in order to avoid tensions with the U.K. That was the same with Scott. Chakleton (1907), who went up to 156 kilometers before the South Pole, could be deprived of the opportunity, and the National Geographic Society also announced that it would send Perry to the South Pole. The preparations for the expedition between the two sides were made under such circumstances. with one another on the alert Amundsen's trip to the South Pole, which was discovered in such a way, was a pure and clear trip. I can imagine what Scott's anger and despair might have been. He was informed of the news during a flight to Melbourne, Australia in October. It signaled the departure of the Devil, who risked Scott's exploration. The two explorers landed in Antarctica in January. Scott set up an outpost 650 kilometers away from each other and spent three months of the summer setting up an intermediate supply station. Sometimes I met him. without knowing the exact opposite fate On April 21, winter began in the far reaches of the sky. It was on August 24 that I saw the sun again. Amundsen, who loaded the dog sled, started off on October 20. The expedition for Amundsen was smooth. When they arrived at the final supply station, the amount of food they had secured was around 100 days, and they had enough time until February 6 of the following year. Scott Dae, on the other hand, is a series of classic books. Pony verb and Crevasse crash in Snowmobile...At the end of the day, 5 men pulled 320 kilograms of luggage on a sled. Eventually, the first stop at the South Pole became Amundsen's charge on December 4. Amundsen stayed four days and left his food and reindeer fur in his tent. This is a measure that foresaw a shortage of supplies for Scott and his competitors were still wandering 570 kilometers away. They crossed each other when they passed the Beardmore glacier. Of course, I didn't know it was 150 kilometers away. The day before Scott's defeat, he arrived. Through dog tracks and sled wrecks. The flag of Norway was flying at the South Pole. Scott found a letter in the tent. The letter was to be sent to the king of Norway. It is a request to be a witness to Amundsen's conquest of the South Pole. It was a letter of dishonor. a travel agency On January 26, Amundsen returned safely to the outpost. Four days later, he set sail and entered Hobart on March 7. Scott Dae had a hard time returning home due to a series of unfavorable conditions such as fuel and food shortages and a recurrence of injury. In the end, all the food died out. Scott's last diary estimated the day to be March 29. The rescue team arrived in November and confirmed the possibility that they might not have died. It was confirmed that the tent was only 800 meters away from the last food store. The diary said the distance was스포츠토토 17.7 km. It is a matter of regret. Three bodies, including Scott, were buried at the South Pole. The relics were kept at the Winton Camp. Currently, the Scott Observatory Memorial Hall is where the shack was loaded and assembled by the expedition. This is how the competition will be analyzed. Amundsen succeeded in survival of the polar region by learning the traditional methods of the Arctic native Inuit, while Colonel Scott failed to rely on high-tech technologies and theories such as snowmobiles. Of course, the British are different. Analysts say that the pace of progress was only slower due to the nature of scientific exploration than to the conquest.
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