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Title : [Anyway, weekend] I gave up my good looks, but I don't want to be hasty.
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The purpose of this article is not consolation. Kim Tae-kyun (30), a cancer patient for the first time in nine years, said, "I don't want to have a romantic interview disguised as hope or gratitude." He said that he was too busy taking care of himself, and that he did not want to take care of himself. Misfortunes came a little earlier. In 2009, he was diagnosed with blood cancer around his head and neck while serving in the military. The three-month time limit was diagnosed amid repeated fighting and recurrence. Due to the cancer that hit her face, she cut her nose and had plastic surgery eight times. When part of his face was cut off, as if skin had been scissorized before him and the apple had been removed, he hoped that the anesthetic would release and feel pain. He was also angry at the thought that he would never be happy again. I cried my face out of the middle of the road. I drew blood, took medicine, and vomited every day. Even though I thought I'd rather die, I couldn't sleep because I thought I could open my eyes tomorrow. It was more appropriate to say, "I'm not living, I'm staying." Writing was a form of refuge. An uncertain life when to recur and when to die. Writing was the only tool he could determine the beginning and the end. Who can understand my pain? The pain began with the thought of solitude. I wrote about life and death, the things that make me sad, and the things inside me." The title of the book is 'Beautiful is to give up this life.' Someone saw it and felt wit and hope, but it took almost a decade to express it and hope. A man who gave up his good looks. I met him in a reading room in Jangan-gu, Suwon. He said he was reading and writing. a black mask covering one's face Each time I spoke, the mask fluttered back and forth as I breathed. I couldn't bring myself to say that it was better to take it off. a nine-year struggle for cancer patients -Is it awkward to see a mirror? I became bald after two months of chemotherapy. My nose shrank because I developed cancer in my nose. The anti-cancer drug killed the cancer cells and ate the fat cells around them. He became the face of a villain like Voldemort in the movie. I feel a little less awkward now that my hair has grown and improved." Kim took off his mask for a while. When I have to take off my mask, I ask for my understanding, saying, "My face is very hurt, but will it be okay if I take it off?" - The title of the book is fun, but it also feels like a desperation. I think that's how it seems to express the pain of the mind. It was not an article originally meant to comfort someone. I don't even want to be given poor comfort. It is also true that he was so desperate." Look for hypocrisy in people's comfort. It is difficult to fully sympathize with the pain of others. So, I wrote that pain is loneliness. When tragedy is repeated, it becomes boring like a man's military story. Not all solace is hypocrisy. Each pain has its own share of responsibility. No one can stand my current environment and situation for me." - Everyone needs attention and warmth. This is not to say that we are not grateful for our worries. But there are times when the worry is enough. People expect the other person's reaction by giving them concerns. It's okay, thank you, I'll cheer you up. I can't help feeling the pain and the emotion I have to endure. It's better to treat her like she did before she got sick. Being a cancer patient, I know better than anyone else that you have to endure the pain." - Are you bitter about life? If there is no resentment, it is a lie. The lungs shrank in the hospital and put a hose with a thick stop between the ribs. Even a little movement was so painful that I just lay in bed for three days. Later, my feet got swollen and I couldn't get the slippers in. Why should I live like this? I felt hopeless." -If I had not been sick, I wouldn't have known my despair. "Well, now I have all my feelings and reactions standing. I have to concentrate on myself rather than others. Feelings of others such as love and friendship are sometimes토토사이트추천 extravagant. Despair sometimes comes from such a gap." Why should I get over it? Kim Tae-kyun was an ordinary student. At least not until cancer had been found. Under the influence of his father, who worked in the clothing trade, he majored in trade. I went to MT like any other age and worked part time in PC room in front of school. When class was over, he liked to drink with his friends. She confessed to a woman she liked and was rejected, but she asked for her phone number first for two years. However, daily life suddenly collapsed. The beginning was the smell. People around him said his nose smelled. The military officials said they did not brush their teeth well, but they did not give it much because of rhinitis. Family members have become so stinky when they are together in a closed space. It was a bumpy ride, but I didn't think there would be a big deal.
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