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Title : Arrested Huawei's daughter. I didn't know you knew.
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U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping arrested Meng Wan-zhou (46) and Huawei's (CFO) in cooperation with Canada on Wednesday, creating a strange tension between the two countries. While the two leaders agreed to a 90-day trade war cease-fire, it seems that the daughter of a high-ranking executive and founder of a Chinese company was arrested on charges of crimes. Stock markets in major countries fell on Tuesday (local time) after news of the arrest of the CFO was revealed. The global financial market could fluctuate once again if the ceasefire takes place. John Bolton, White House National Security Advisor, told NPR on President Trump's early recognition, "We don't report everything to the president," hinting at the possibility that the report had not been made before the U.S.-China meeting. However, he said that he knew about the plan of arresting the CFO from the Ministry of Justice in advance. Bolton was present at a dinner meeting with Trump and Xi. The remarks are interpreted as a recognition that the Trump administration has been seeking to arrest the CFO separately from the U.S.-China trade talks. On the other hand, the Financial Times quoted an official as saying, "It is customary for President Trump to report VIPs immediately to the White House when they are arrested." On the other hand, Chinese President Xi may have been informed of the facts. The Chinese government found out about the arrest of bruises just before dinner, quoting an official who is well aware of the case. However, Xi has decided not to raise the issue at dinner because he wants to focus 사설토토사이트on resolving trade disputes. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who carried out the arrest on a request from the U.S., said he had been informed of the arrest plan in advance. The U.S. has investigated Huawei for violating U.S. sanctions against Iran. During the investigation, Bloomberg reported citing anonymous sources that Huawei had found the money transfer through HSBC Bank. Huawei is one of the companies we are interested in. The issue will be a major topic in trade negotiations in the future, said. Bloomberg predicted that there is a risk that the U.S.-China agreement could be disrupted after the Chinese government heard that the U.S. would arrest the CFO and be extradited to the U.S. However, the Chinese government is showing an understatement about the detention of bruises. Shortly after the news was revealed, the Chinese government protested the arrest and detention of the bruises and urged their release, but after a while the Chinese Foreign Ministry lowered its tone, "We are waiting for more news." He also said that U.S.-China trade negotiations should continue. The U.S. law enforcement authorities have secured a case of bruising, but there is no guarantee that it will be taken over. The CFO will receive bail hearing in Canada on Tuesday (local time). If the bail is granted, the passport can be submitted and released. Afterwards, a trial will be held to review the crime of extradition. Only after passing the hearing will the U.S. This process could take months or years, and India could fail at all.
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