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Title : Kim Dong-yeon: The rumor that the Korean Party is joining? I was Moon Jae-in first deputy prime minister "
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Former Deputy Prime Minister and Strategy and Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon, who resigned on Thursday, drew a line on the rumors that some had raised that he would enter the political arena. Kim held the last press conference before resigning at the Sejong Government Complex on the same day and revealed his thoughts on his term and plans for the next year and six months. "The most disappointing thing is job creation," he said. "I lived with charcoal soot in my chest in the second half of this year. Before becoming deputy prime minister, he had been unusual in meeting young people as university presidents. We tried our best to distribute jobs or income, but we still have many things to do with the situation." One of the most rewarding things to do was to meet countless people and listen to their voices. He also said that negotiations with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Manushin on currency exchange market intervention, the Agenda for innovative토토사이트 growth, and the signing of Korea-China currency swaps were worthwhile. Regarding the evaluation of the first economic team, he said, "It is not appropriate to give advice or suggestions to the second team at a time when it is about to leave," but he believes that he will do well as he said, "As Hong said, he will accelerate the foundation that the first team has made." I will take care of myself even if I don't put up with the latest word in some way. I ask for a successor." "I still feel heavy because many people's lives are too tight," he said. "It is heartbreaking to think about the difficulties of workers who face unemployment, youth, self-employed people who are in danger of survival, and entrepreneurs who are always worried about the performance of their businesses that are not improving." I feel a heavy responsibility as the person who led the economy. Former Deputy Prime Minister Kim refrained from commenting on his moves after leaving office. For the past year and a half, I`ve only worked for the economy and the people`s livelihood. There have been some stories about differences in opinions within the government, but it was the most important framework in my job and I did my best to return to being one of the ordinary citizens. We will announce our next schedule later. Free Korea, including the possibility of bringing about effectively denied to "I was first deputy prime minister of his Moon Jae-in government.". Kim finished his 34-year public service after a press conference. There was no separate ceremony. Meanwhile, Kim's successor, hongnamgi the Moon Jae-in 4 p.m. appointment letters from the president and initiate a term. The inauguration ceremony will take place on the 11th.
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