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Title : Uganda, Continued Trade with North Korea... a breach of sanctions against North Korea
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The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday (local time) that Uganda announced to the international community two years ago that it would cut off military and economic exchanges with North Korea, but it is continuing to engage North Korea in arms trade, military education, and other human resources such as North Korea's intention in violation of the U.N. Security Council's resolution on sanctions against the North. The WSJ quoted high-ranking military officials in Uganda as saying that North Korean special forces have been dispatched to Uganda to continue their secret military training such as special military skills and helicopter shooting. The U.S. believes that international sanctions against North Korea should be maintained until North Korea denuclearizes. However, the WSJ pointed out that many African countries have failed to keep their promise to stop military and economic exchanges with North Korea over the past few decades. Foreign authorities and defense industry officials said Tanzania, Sudan, Zambia, and Mozambique are engaged in secret exchanges with North Korea. Uganda was found to have ordered military commanders to prepare for training from a team of experts in North Korea in a confidential document sent in October, the WSJ reported. 스포츠토토사이트The newspaper reported that North Korean military personnel are consulting on the assembly and repair of armored vehicles in Uganda, and are helping to establish a military technology college in Luge, which is 48 kilometers away from the capital, Kampala. North Korean military officials are also involved in training exercises near Lake Victoria in eastern Uganda, and North Korea has proposed military education for building hovercrafts in Uganda. Two Ugandan military officers told the WSJ by August that they had confirmed a document that North Korean weapons, including anti-tank systems, rocket-propelled grenades and small firearms, were traded. North Korean doctors were seen at the Kampala International University Hospital last month, and their wives were working in the hospital's laundry room, the WSJ reported. Uganda's customs officials said they received requests for visas for 16 North Korean doctors from the hospital last October. According to data submitted to the Uganda government, North Korean construction and mining companies under investigation by the U.N. on charges of violating sanctions are changing their names and attempting business with their nationality marked as China or a foreign country, the newspaper reported.
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