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Fresh & fragrant basil fried rica chicken, following the recipe guidelines documented below, preparing the following ingredients & ingredients: RICA CHICKEN RECIPES OF FINE EARTH: 500 g of chicken meat 1 lemon 4 lemongrass stems cut 2 cm 1 bunch of basil leaves, afternoon 6 squeezed orange leaves 1/2 tsp pepper / powdered pepper 1/2 tsp of sugar Salt 1/2 tsp Sasa 150 ml of water Cooking oil for frying & saute Blend: 7 large red chillies 7 red cayenne fruit 1 tomato 8 shallots 3 garlic cloves HOW TO MAKE RICA CHICKEN: Cut chicken meat & wash it thoroughly, water it lime juice 15 minutes. Fry the chicken cooked, remove & drain. Heat stir-fry oil, fine spices, lemongrass & leaves fragrant orange. Add water, salt, granulated sugar, Sasa, pepper & stir well. Add chicken, stir & cook the sauce absorb to meat. The broth is shrinking & thick, put in the basil leaves mix well wither. Turn off the heat, lift and serve. RICA CHICKEN RECIPES RUDE DUST: 1 kg of chicken meat 300 ml of water 3 lemongrass sticks, small slices 4 orange leaves, thinly sliced 1 bunch of basil leaves, pick the leaves 1 large tomato, cut into small pieces 1 tsp of sugar Salt 1/2 tsp Sasa 1 tablespoon of lime juice Cooking oil Coarse rubbing: 7 shallots 4 cloves garlic 10 large red chillies 10 red cayenne fruit 3 cm of ginger HOW TO COOK RICA CHICKEN: Cut & wash clean chicken meat with water squeeze 2 lime juice 15 minutes. Fried brown, cook & drain. Heat the sauteed oil, peanut sauce, lemongrass & leaves fragrant orange. Pour water, give salt, sugar & stir well. Add the fried chicken pieces, lime juice, tomato & basil leaves. Mix well & cook to shrink / mature sauce, lift & serve. The culinary menu of barbahan based chicken is delicious seasoning This typical Manado spicy cooks it at home. This menu perfects the weekend together family at home. Of course recipes & how to cook seasonings Rica chicken which actually means spicy has this basil aroma.
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