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Ingredients & seasonings: 1 kg of chicken meat 1 lemon 4 lemongrass sticks digeprek 3 pieces of pandan leaves are cut into 3 cm 5 orange leaves 1 bunch of basil leaves picked by the leaves 100 ml thick coconut milk 1 coconut 600 ml of coconut milk dilute the remaining juice of thick coconut milk 1 tsp of sugar 1/2 tsp Sasa Salt Oil for sautéing Blend: 2 index fingers 20 cm turmeric burn 4 cm ginger 5 grains of pecan sangria 7 shallots 1 puith clove 7 red cayenne fruit 4 curly red chili fruits HOW TO MAKE GOOD CHICKEN: Cut the chicken meat clean. Smear the lime juice & sprinkle with salt, mix well & leave 30 minutes. Saute fine spices, orange leaves, pandan leaves & fragrant lemongrass. Add chicken pieces, stir & cook to change color. Pour the watery coconut milk, stir & give salt, sugar and stir well to boil. Pour thick coconut milk & stir again evenly. Cover the frying pan, cook stirred the shrinking sauce, the meat is ripe & tender. After shrinking, add the basil leaves to mix well & cook the withered basil leaves. Turn off the heat, lift and serve.
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