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Ladder Dock Using ladders can be tricky and a safety hazard if not properly positioned or harnessed. There have been various cases of people missing their steps and falling off, or ladders slipping away. Whatever the case may be, a lot of caution has to be applied when dealing with ladders. In order to make the use of ladders very safe, and OSHA compliant, it is required that the ladders get secured to the edge of the roof, and this is where the ladder dock comes in. The ladder dock makes it possible for the ladder to get docked to the roof’s edge, and thus make it safe enough to be single point access to and from the rooftop. Advantages • It is non-corrosive, and the material is lightweight. • OSHA compliant. • It can be used with most of the ladders that are available on the market. • The device prevents slipping of the ladder from left to right. • The installation is easy. Step Straight A lot of ladder accidents occur at the top of the ladder, and usually at the point where the climber does a spin to either ascend or descend the ladder. The “Step Straight” device is designed to allow the ladder user climb all the way to the top and on to the elevated structure; hence the spin motion gets eliminated. Advantages • It is created with lightweight aluminum. • OSHA compliant. • It is non-corrosive. • Easy and quick installation process. • It eliminates the spin needed to get off or on the ladder. Both the Ladder Dock and Step Straight are OSHA extension ladder safety, and they ensure that there is a great deal of security is provided around the ladders and for the user of the ladder. It is not advisable to use substandard docks, as they can give way and cause fatal injuries. The market is saturated with various substandard products; this is why you need to tread carefully when making such purchases. It is best to opt for OSHA compliant products because they are designed according to the most recent safety standards and building codes, and that makes them safe for use, and they are easy to install.
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