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Main ingredients : 500 gr butter 10 gr milk powder 400 gr wheat flour ½ tsp baking powder ½ tsp vanilla powder 10 eggs 350 gr sugar 1 tbsp brown paste Spicy cake recipes are endlessly tried. Especially when the moment of Christmas & new year, cake can not be missed. Create Zebra Cake at home. Moreover, Tupperware equipment, making cakes easy. Way : Olesi section TChef Casserole with margarine & base alasar with bread paper. Beat the butter & milk powder with a soft Speedy Chef. Add flour, baking powder, & vanilla powder, stirring with a flat Spatula. Set aside. Whisk egg & sugar with Speedy Chef inflate & sugar dissolves. Mix into the butter & flour mixture, stir with Spatula average. Divide the dough into 2 parts & add the chocolate paste to 1 part. Pour the white & brown dough alternating the center Casserole dough runs out. Cover with glass cover & bake on the stove with fire small 35 minutes / mature. Serve.
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