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Green bean porridge : 1 cup green beans 1 pack of coconut milk 500 ml of water 2 pieces of brown sugar 4 tbsp sugar A pinch of salt Bread : 200 gr wheat chakra 1 tsp fermipan 1 egg 80 ml of cold liquid milk 10 gr milk powder 1 tbsp whip cream 20 gr sugar 20 gr margarine Way : Soak the green beans overnight. Bread : Mix dry ingredients. Combine eggs with milk. Pour in dry ingredients. Do not pour all the flabby dough. Knead kalis. Enter margarine. Knead the elastic calyx. Let stand & close 30 minutes. Kempeskan dough. Mix in a pan with thin margarine. Let stand 60 minutes. After that sprinkle the sesame Grilled over 20 minutes depending on the oven. Remove from the oven. Grease on top with margarine. After the cold cut Green bean porridge: Boil water with mung beans soaked. Enter the coconut milk when cooked Enter sugar, brown sugar, salt Stir Maturely turn off the fire. Serve with fresh bread ... delicious
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