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Ingredients Cuisine : 2 tbsp Margarine ½ fruit Onion Bombay 2 cloves of garlic 300 gr Tempe steamed 300 gr Chops 6 tablespoons oyster sauce 4 tablespoons Tomato sauce 3 tablespoons Chilli sauce 2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce 1 egg 50 gr Ready-made flour Salt Pepper 3 tbsp Margarine for frying Coating : 100 gr Ready-to-use spices Complement : Bread burger Mayonnaise Lettuce Tomatoes, thinly sliced Cucumber, thinly sliced Steam tempeh 5 minutes using Tupperware Steam It! in the water boil in TChef Wok Pan. Puree onion & garlic with Tupperware Quick Chef. Lift the tempe from Tupperware Steam It! Cut into pieces, insert it into Tupperware Quick Chef & stir along with other ingredients evenly. Mix bits of tempeh, minced meat, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, sauce chilli sauce, sweet soy sauce, eggs, seasoning flour, salt, & pepper powder to Tupperware Mixing Bowl. Stir the dough mixed evenly. Divide the dough into sections, round & split. Spread the burger with seasoning flour. Set aside. Heat margarine in TChef Fry Pan, insert burger dough, cook mature, lift. Presentation : Take 1 piece of bread, halve 2. Oles mayonnaise, stacked lettuce, burger, tomato, & cucumber. Do the same with the rest of the material. Serve
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