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MAIN INGREDIENTS : 100 g of good quality rice flour 1 tbsp sago farmer 250 ml of water ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp Sasa WAY BURGO PALEMBANG : Mix rice flour, sago, water, salt, Sasa into 1. Stir into a dough that is not grained, strain. Heat a 20 x 20 cm baking dish to a steamed smeared vegetable oil. Pour 2 spoonfuls of vegetable dough, steamed cooked. Lift & let cool. Roll & cut. Do the same thing the dough runs out. MATERIALS AND VEGETABLES OF KUAH : 2 l medium coconut milk 1 l of liquid milk 5 tablespoons vegetable oil for sauteing 25 g of salt 20 g sugar 30 g brown sugar 5 g of pepper powder 15 g Sasa 15 g of broth DISPLAY : 10 g cilantro 40 g pecan 200 g onion 100 g of garlic HOW TO MAKE THE PURPOSE OF PURGUES : Saute the seasoned spices. Pour coconut milk & liquid milk, stir & cook to boil. Spread salt, granulated sugar, brown sugar, pepper, powdered broth, & Sasa, stir & cook again ripe & shrink sauce. For a moment, put the fried onions. PRESENTATION : Put the burgo that is cut into a serving bowl. Pour the gravy, serve warm.
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