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Title : Incarnation of Parmathma (God)
Category : Writing
Dear Friends, On the eve of “Ram Navami” (The Birthday of Lord Rama), the subject like Incarnation of God (Parmatma) is very important. The Incarnation of God (Parmatma) takes place whenever there is Adharma (unrighteousness). The article explains the related facts of Dharma and Adharma and how Bhagvan Parashu Ram established dharma in His sixth incarnation. The link of the article is: The article consists of images like i) “When incarnation is essential” ii) “Dharma establishment in Individual” iii) “How Dharma (Righteousness) exists in Society” iv) “Why Adharma springs up in the world?” v) “Lord Shiva established ‘Dharma’ of the Universe at three Occasions” vi) “Bhagvan Parashu Ram’s contribution to the World” vii) “Dharma for World”. The images are self explanatory. In addition, manuscript describes the details of related subjects which could be the interest for the readers. The friends are requested to peruse the article and provide their valuable comments to improve the same. With kinds Personal regards, A N Pandey
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