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Material A : 275 gr flour key 25 gr milk powder 15 gr cocoa powder 1 tsp baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt Material B : 125 gr DCC 90 gr unsalted butter 60 gr vegetable oil 150 gr sugar 2 large eggs, shake off 250 ml of liquid milk Topping : Chocochip, Almond, Walnets to taste Way : Mix ingredients A in 1 container. Sift, set aside. Melt DCC & butter, turn off the heat. Enter sugar & oil, stir quickly. Add liquid milk, mix well. Cool room temperature. Beat off the egg with a whisk hand. Combine the chocolate melt. Insert material A & topping in stages, stirring slowly with hand whisk. Wheat flour leave, do not overmix. Pour in a cup of 3/4 cup muffins, he mumbul Bake 190C 20 minutes adjust the oven Test a toothpick for maturity. May be useful
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