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Main ingredients : 150 g papaya round shape 150 g melon round shape 100 g of seedling kelengkeng 150 g boiled bengkoang 100 g of Ambon bananas sliced round 100 g of small sliced pineapple Ingredients : 50 g for white 3 tbsp sugar 5 tablespoons corn puree 3 glasses of water 100 ml of sweetened condensed milk ΒΌ tsp vanilla Syrup : 300 cc boiled water pineapple 320 g sugar '100 cc of soda water Clove Cinnamon Way : Cook ingredients to boil Chill harden, round shape Make syrup by boiling pineapple water with cloves, cinnamon & sugar Chill 'Arrange the fruit & agar in a serving bowl / glass Flush syrup & sparkling water Add ice
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