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Title : Don’t Spook Your Customer with your unprofessional shopping cart!
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Yes, you read that right! Spook, means scare a person. When we set up any website, we need to look into the certain aspects like whether the website appeals to the mind, eyes and situation. If it does not, there are chances that your website will be the primary cause for driving away customers. Now here we are looking at shopping carts and there are some that seem to be the favorite of online buyers, whereas certain seemed to be looked upon with a doubt eye. So, if you are a shopping cart owner or intend to create one- make sure that your website does not alienate people Keep a few things in mind: • Allow the buyer to view his cart before, the person, proceeds to the checkout area. Many people feel the BUY button comes too soon, even before they have an idea of what all they have added to the cart. • Give an option for them to view the price that has to be paid after adding in the expenses like shipping charges. This helps them plan properly. • The site should give an affirmation that a certain product has been added to the cart. In some shopping cart websites, people are unsure of what action had been taken and hence repeat the ‘add to cart’ option. This causes double expenditure and they realize it only at the time of checkout. So, be sensible. Think of making your shopping cart website a problem free one. A new style and thought is what customers always look out for. Make sure that website leads the way to a rightful change.
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