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Title : Fitness Training Dumbbells
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Neoprene weight 2lb are made of cast iron and wrapped in a thick coat of durable neoprene to get a comfortable, non-slip grip that is gentle on hands and does not require gloves. Floor in case of drops and stop it from rolling onto the ground when putting away. Stylishly vibrant, color-coded neoprene weight 3lb and clear numbers LBS on make it simple and quick to pick up the ideal neoprene weight 5lb for daily regular workouts. Great for indoor and outside use. SELECT THE APPROPRIATE WEIGHTS Neoprene weight 8lb come in different weights ranging from 2 lbs. To 20 lbs. For you to vary your daily routine workout. Heavy neoprene weight 12lb are perfect for building massive muscle in arms and shoulders, stability and core strength. Lighter neoprene weights are excellent additions to add resistance to squats, lunges, aerobic workouts and many more.
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