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Title : Feeling Stuck? Increase Your Social Media Engagement
Category : Business
Social media is an excellent tool for marketing certain businesses, but for others it is an inefficient time drain they wish to avoid. The smaller the business, the more difficult a time they have dealing with both monitoring social media and posting to it because they have fewer personnel resources. Here are some suggested ways to approach dealing with social media as an SME to make it more manageable. Choosing the Right Social Network When you’re running a business that doesn’t have a great deal of time available for social media, you must make it accessible. It’s no good trying to manage 5-10 social media channels because a “being everywhere, all the time” strategy isn’t something that a busy SME can realistically handle. In a sense, companies must pick their battles, so to speak. It is much better to post semi-regularly and be responsive to commenters and direct messages on one or two social platforms than attempt to cover all the major ones. Therefore, narrowing down which social media channels are the most useful for your company is the first step. One way to do this is to look at what your business’s peers are doing. If there’s a consistent approach of focusing on one or 2 social channels while limiting activity on the others, it’s best to follow the same strategy unless your company has a strategic reason not to do so. Use software like HootSuite or SproutSocial to make managing multiple social accounts easier. More:
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